Hiddzwaur, city of Orlec

Hiddzwaur was established in the early days of Orlec, in the dozen years or so before the establishment of the the Orlec Common Year Reckoning. Over its 250+ year history, it has been a hub of commerce and trade, and a city state that controlled about 30 miles around it. The community around it has many smaller homlets and steadings that cover a large irregular fighting force that comes together to defend it against raiders from the region. A series of signal fires alerts the countryside when danger is about, and some Inns and steadings are used as rally points to maintain equipment and supplies.

Expansion of Hiddzwaur

Wars of Hiddzwaur

Ruins of Hiddzwaur

Becomes salt marsh ?
Build a port in an area that had a bizarre natural harbor, could not dredge.
Temple to medja and with kaithlen cone and built harbor with it.