Tour of Duty 5.5

Starting characters from N’lokrha will automatically serve on the Eastern Wall in a tour of duty.
= no, cultural experience trade 1hpwound for X?
Tour Parameters
Length: Duration in months or years; usually 1 year increments, 1-4 years;
Risk Factor: The risk factor the first year begins with a +2 increase, +1 only in the second year, no adjustments any following years – you just get better.
Notoriety: Can the character volunteer for dangerous assignments to gain reputation and/or position
Danger: A character can choose a danger level 1-4; this increases the Risk Factor AND Reward Factor by the same amount. Front line duty = all non core to basic tour of duty

Risk Factor
Reward Factor
Service Gains
Mustering Out
Equipment: Special finds and rewards, along with anything the character brought with them are the only equipment they can take with them. If they possess the Equipment trait, then they can take the replacement equipment of the same with them – though they will all have military marks.

Learning (fortune)
CP: This represents how much the character truly learned.

  • CW: This is a measure of how heroic and successful they were.
  • Currency: This is the wages and bonuses they managed to keep after gambling, repairs, etc.
  • Assets: This is the value in goods awarded as booty.
  • Abilities: The character gains 1 CP towards the listed skills and/or traits.
    If the equipment trait is gained, it grants items only of combat nature – arms, armor, etc.
  • Ancillary: These are gained automatically after 2 years of service. If the character already possesses them, they
    gain nothing new.
  • Special Finds: This is special items discovered or given as reward.
  • Trivial: +4 CS to survival check & -2 RS if result is major or better; no special finds
  • Mild: No adjustments
  • Moderate: -2 CS to survival check; +1 RS for rewards
  • Major: -4 CS to survival check; +2 RS for rewards
  • Severe: -8 CS to survival check; +3 RS for rewards
  • Survival Check

    = under actions: survival tests > military campaign

    A check is made for each year. The basic check is (INT + (Kinetic Aptitude/2)) – years served.
    This is modified by the danger level. Each year is a separate check and the danger level may be changed.
    The Danger index starts at 1 and is increased each year served. Wounds
    taken does not grant any additional CP. Neither CP or AP can be used to alter the survival check,
    though they can be used on any other checks.

    Adjustments: Warrior Archetype Kits should be granted a +1; Any Military Lore > 4 or
    Tactics type skill > 2 should also grant a +1 (tactics > 4 should be +2).

    survival test outcome > Death: Any point at which a character dies, they may spend either AP or CP to re-check. The check level is simply based on the total points they sacrifice. If a character dies, they gain no CP or AP for the check, though will gain the normal points and time towards skills and traits, if normally granted.

    Locations Served

    North Gate Garrison

    Result CP AP Currency Assets Abilities
    Crit 4 4 4 3 Survival (arctic-mountain), Melee, Fend, grapple, equipment
    Full 4 2 x3 2 Survival (arctic-mountain), Melee, Fend, grapple, equipment
    Major 3 2 x2 1 Survival (arctic-mountain), Melee, Fend, equipment
    Average 2 1 x1 none wound [STA +4 to resist], Survival (artic-mountain), Melee, Fend, equipment
    Simple 1 1 1/2 none wound [STA to resist], Melee, Fend, equipment
    Failure 1 none none wound [STA to resist], Fend
    Fumble 1 none none 2 wounds (1 STA check or death)

    Ancillary Knowledge/Benefits: Surviving character gain familiarity: mace, Lore: Undead 1, Language: Gladnorean 1, and where
    applicable have an excellent ability to start fires from the most meager or wet of materials.
    If a character makes an STA check, they gain a level of Toughness
    or Toughened (the later only once no matter the duration of the tour).

    Special Finds: CP gained as level = check to get 2 vials holy water, candle of favor (1 hour; 1 blessing from Aerna)

    Eastern ‘Wall’