The Tombstone Gate of Merowey

Ritual of the Dark Sun

This triggers the gate.

Incorrect Star Alignment

Incorrect Time

Correct Time and Alignment

There is nothing that can describe the journey in sane terms. Your mind echoes with the screams of millions, and feelings persist that you have been torn into tiny pieces and reassembled. You are chilled to the bone. Despite the pathway you have charted out for yourself, the glow of the suns is cold – not warm as you expected. You feel its glow wash over you, and the light bends around you. Out of the corner of your eye, pinpoints of light wink in and out of existence and you see shadowy forms all around you. These forms whisper promises of power, pain, glory and infamy. Every nerve in your body is on fire. In each sun, a great eye opens and a mote comes from it and surrounds you, pushing you on to your next destination. Just when you think you cannot stand it any longer, you fall back into your body.

Possible Outcomes

The GM can tweak and alter to make these unique per person.

  1. Change gender/sex
  2. Shadow Burn 1/Short Rest; D4+1 cold damage on anyone you cross with your shadow. Can use a Reaction to cast a shadow or to ensure your shadow does not linger long enough on a friendly target – either way the Reaction is used. The spell lasts 10 minutes, An attack roll is required if you are trying to get 2 targets 5’ next to each other in a single cast of shadow.
  3. Change in behavior: Ideal
  4. Character gains Darkvision 60’
  5. Gain 1 Essence
  6. Beckoning of Hadar: Arm gains a shadowy state – strange shadows. It can summon a Type II demon 1/Long Rest – each time the alignment shifts towards chaotic evil; the first time does not count, but the user can feel the push. To remove the power, the arm must be severed.
  7. Change in behavior: Personality Trait
  8. The character takes on the outward appearance of a ghoul. They are invisible to undead (not animations) as long as this is true.
  9. Change in behavior: Bond
  10. Long Term Madness
  11. One of the characters weapons gains sentience (
  12. The character gains a Fighting Style only usable at night or in dim light.
  13. Change in behavior: Flaw
  14. Lose 1 Essence
  15. Character gains Advantage on Stealth checks
  16. Lose 1 Sanity
  17. Change race. A mark appears on the person; Sanity DC 14 or Short Term madness until a Long Rest. Ask the PC what they want to be, and that is not an option! Whatever they choose after, it will appear until their next Short Rest as if they have all the powers of that race. It goes away at that point and they get just the physical body and no advantages (though advantages and powers from their old race return). This may leave some characters out of the ability to adventure – who lets a dragon into their town? If the player picks a PC standard race or a variant, they must make a Constitution save DC 12. If they fail, they get the outward appearance of a dead creature of that type – one with a name/history/notoriety. Soon, after word of their “survival” gets out (and it will)… those hunting them will come. The memories of that creature lay on top of their own – they get all the normal abilities for that race, and their own (one random +2 Lores). The more powerful the race, the more likely. The character you take the place of had a background – If you make a Sanity DC 12 check you get many memories – to a maximum of 1 skill and one language. If you fail, the new skill takes the place of a current skill you have.
  18. Increase a stat by 2 (till Long Rest)
  19. Character can cast Elemental Bane; 1/Long Rest – if ever the targets shadow cannot be seen the damage from that point after is done to the caster.
  20. Decrease stat by 2 (72 hours)
  21. One character ability not available until a long rest has passed
  22. One character ability has extra use until next rest. DC 13 Sanity check – success = permanent
  23. Character can cast Shadow Shield 1/Long Rest ( – Black flames, dims all lights to half, Necrotic or Cold
  24. Increase a stat by 1 (random) permanently
  25. Character gains a dragonborn like breath weapon. Damage is of a type the PC desires (does not change once chosen), and it has a physical manifestation matching the damage type. Anyone within 30’ loses their proficiency bonus on Stealth and any advantage for 1 Day when it is used.
  26. Decrease a stat by 1 (random) permanently
  27. A shadow mark appears on the person; Gain one of the Eladrin “presence” abilities to be used 1/Long Rest, except in the season it relates to – then its 2/Long Rest.
  28. A mark appears on the person; Gain the service of a Meazel 1/Long Rest; It takes 3 rounds to open the portal and you speak to and beckon the creature. It will serve for 1 day before returning to Shadowfell. If ever the summoner send it into combat openly, it will attack them.
  29. The character gains a Feat that is directly related to their primary class or concept. This feat stays with them until the next full moon cycle then is gone forever.
  30. The character gains resilient on an ability (proficiency) and permanent disadvantage with another (players choice).
  31. Gain 1 Sanity
  32. Character gains another spell slot until a Long Rest; DC 10 Sanity it becomes permanent
  33. The character gains a Lore +2 permanently
  34. Character loses a spell slot until a Long Rest
  35. Character gains the Menacing feat (; their shadow takes on a form of some terrible shape. All normal animals within 30’ are also affected.
  36. The character is drained 1 Essence
  37. The character gains knowledge of a cantrip and a spell of 1st level. These dont count towards any class or feat maximums. 24 hours after the first use, the character will be attacked by a Meazel or Darkling when they use it again. They must defeat it single handedly or it keeps happening.
  38. If a character has a Sanity adjustment, their Sanity is changed to the next rating that would give them a adjustment of one more – positive or negative.
  39. Character can cast hellish rebuke 1/Short Rest – max. Damage if they do average to themselves (bypass any resistance or immunity)
  40. The character can cast Pass Without Trace 1/Short Rest
  41. The character gains knowledge of two battle maneuvers using D8’s with a pool of 2. These dont count towards any class or feat maximums. 24 hours after the first use, the character will be attacked by a Meazel or Darkling when they use it again. They must defeat it single handedly or it keeps happening.
  42. The character can speak and is literate in another language.
  43. The character forgets how to speak and be literate in an existing language.
  44. The character gains a random magic item (potion or scroll)
  45. Character can cast Ray of Enfeeblement 1/Short Rest; if cast in the dark, targets a # equal to proficiency bonus
  46. The character is drained 2 Essence
  47. Detect Evil/Good per Short Rest
  48. Primeval Awareness (as ranger) 1/Short Rest
  49. Shadow Familiar (damage if it dies) can summon 1/Long Rest
  50. Alignment Changes
  51. Gain your next 4th level gain now (character does not gain anything at their next 4th level of progress in a class)
  52. All items worn or carried degrade in sunlight.
  53. Character can cast Zone of Lies (opposite zone of truth) 1/Long Rest
  54. Character Gains a Skill proficiency
  55. The character can attach their shadow to others = Advantage on Stealth and can perceive what is happening like warlock “2 minds” – but wont heal during that time and if the target takes Radiance damage, the shadow owner takes half as much.
  56. Character gains Expertise in a skill
  57. The character gains Vulnerability to Radiance damage, but resistance to Cold and Necrotic
  58. Character loses a skill
  59. Characters shadow gains a smell that causes dogs, cats, rats, toads, etc. to follow them.
  60. Character can cast Aura of Desecration (opposite of purity) 1/Long Rest
  61. Character gains a feat
  62. Character can cast Contagion 1/Long Rest
  63. Character loses a feat
  64. Character gains a single level in a class opposite from all current class paths (but no Hit Dice)
  65. Character gains sunlight sensitivity
  66. Character can cast Death Ward 1/Long Rest (shadow gone if protection engaged – no Stealth)
  67. Character gains Shadow Step (as monk)
  68. Choking shadows 1st-level illusion Casting Time: 1 action Range: 30 feet Components: V, S, M (fingernails from a corpse and a long black feather that is waved in the air) Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute; A creature of your choice that you can see within range has its shadow appear to come alive, reaching out to grab at its makers throat, pulling it to the ground and strangling it. The target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or fall prone, becoming incapacitated and unable to stand up for the duration. A creature with an Intelligence score of 4 or less can not be affected. At the end of each of its turns, and each time it takes damage, the target can make another Wisdom saving throw. The target has advantage on the saving throw if it’s triggered by damage. On a success, the spell ends.(That’s a shadow magic version of Tasha’s hideous laughter if you couldn’t tell)
  69. The character is involved in a underworld or political dealing that goes wrong – its an alternate timeline. They must pay 10% of their income or they will be attacked both their reputation, relationships, and finally physically.
  70. The character is afflicted with Lycanthropy on a gibbous moon
  71. All equipment is repaired and restored (full charges) one time and the character receives their Proficiency bonus in black tear marks – triggers an immediate short rest effect when used and turns the tear red.
  72. The character physically changes every week – height, weight, hair and eye color, skin tone, etc.
  73. The character will never spend their last spell, munition, etc – it will always be held in reserve to save themselves – and they will be vocal about not being able to count on anyone.
  74. The character cannot heal in sunlight.
  75. The character can sense the presence of creatures or portals to the Shadowfell within 90’ as a Bonus Action
  76. The character has the sense of falling constantly – their Dexterity is dropped to 11 or their current rating – whichever is lower. They see a dark pit in front of them always. If ever they fall into the pit, they are taken to the Demonshade Caverns in the Shadowfell. The pit will become visible and close in one round, sp if none jump in to help, the PC will be on their own. Once this is done, the effect disappears and their Dexterity return to normal, though they must find their own way home.
  77. When the character dies, they become a shadow and attack the party.
  78. The character becomes immune to Blindness.
  79. The character may cast Arms of Hadar and Armor of Agathys 1/Short Rest; they may cast both at once using all actions for the round as 2 level spell slots higher if they take 8 HP of Necrotic damage themselves and their Charisma is reduced by 2 until a Short Rest.
  80. The character may generate a wave of Sleep (centered on themselves) as if cast through a 4th level spell slot (the character also falls asleep automatically – even if immune to sleep).
  81. The character may cast False Life on anyone who’s shadow they can see within 30’ 1/Short Rest. Until they gain a short rest, they cannot heal and lose any Stealth proficiency.
  82. The character gains their Proficiency Bonus in damage on any cold effects/attacks.
  83. Character gains Advantage on any saves against fear or being frightened, but has effects doubled if they fail.
  84. The character becomes near sighted during the day time (all ranges are halved).
  85. The character may perform the Help action from up to 15’ away (their shadow stretches) and when provoking an attack of opportunity from movement, may make a Dexterity DC 10 check to avoid it with a twisting shadow.
  86. The character can cast Silent Image at will. They can see through others using the spell as well.
  87. When the character casts Ray of Enfeeblement, it can target an additional creature per point of Strength drain they suffer up to 5. This returns after a Short Rest.
  88. The character is able to cast a Shadow of Doubt as a Reaction; The effects are as a Bane spell, a number of times per Short Rest equal to their Charisma or Sanity modifier – whichever is higher (minimum 1).
  89. Eyes of the Grave: Starting at 1st level, you gain an innate sense of creatures whose existence is an insult to the natural cycle of life. If you spend 1 minute in uninterrupted contemplation, you can determine the presence and nature of undead creatures in the area. This detection extends up to 1 mile in all directions. You learn the number of undead and their distance and direction from you. In addition, you learn the creature type of the undead in that area that has the highest challenge rating.Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.
  90. The character puts out any normal fire of hearth size or less within 5’.
  91. Shadow Knowledge: A number of times equal to your Charisma or Sanity modifier (min. 1) you can tap into a well of knowledge. As an action, you choose one skill or tool. For 10 minutes, you have proficiency with the chosen skill or tool. During that time you are vulnerable to Radiance and Fire damage.
  92. The character gains a Vile Transformation (
  93. Shroud of the Shadows: 1/Short Rest the shroud grants resistance to Cold, and doubles all cold damage from the character, for the next three rounds. However, during those rounds, if the character does take cold damage, all within 15’ take the same amount.
  94. Greater Shroud of Shadow: When the shroud activates it provides resistance against cold and necrotic, and any radiant or fire damage has half its damage reflected back as cold damage.
  95. When the character drops below 1 HP, they deal all within 30’ 2D6 cold damage, and double to the source; maximum if they fail a DC 12 Constitution check.

  96. The character gets to pick one of these
  97. Roll 2 checks for negative results
  98. To 100 = The character always starts with 1 failed death check. They gain their Proficiency bonus per Long Rest in ___GM Determines__

Enmity of Shadowfell

Three Marks of Shadow and they have earned the “Enmity of the Shadowfell”. In 48 hours, they will be hunted in their dreams. It means every other Short Rest has no effect due to their head being filled with nightmares = every other Short Rest is not a short rest for the purpose of recharging powers. A Long rest is still the same.
– Check for CHA or SAN loss permanently; DC 10 on each check. Often accompanied by turning into a shadow and attacking the party when the character dies.


Icrane’s Journal

One thing brought from the wizards tower was a set of cosmic books and tools. Icrane has discovered a secret cypher, and found a pathway to the stars in a strange part of the night sky. He says it is a pathway through the shadowlands to a place of new suns. We can send ourselves astrally to these suns and absorb their power. It is a one way trip and the spirit would wither if we attempted it again. There are 97 suns in the charts he has. If we go, we have to all go together because the gateway will only open once in a great long time – perhaps every hundred years or so. You can go to as many suns on your journey as you want.