NPCs for Dunstrand Rising

Scott Paredd

Barrister of the Lowland Council
Description: male, human, dark weathered skin, dark brown eyes, black hair, right handed, 5’7”, 150#, age = 40
> Mannerisms: does not flash teeth when smiling, clasps hands together a lot, says “well, yes” a lot
TRAITS: Lucky, studious, local lore (Bar-Innis), Law (local and High King), Geography of Dunstrand, Glib/Persuasive, Ride (horse)
COMBAT: Evade/dodge; knife and club – usually runs and/or has bodyguards
ITEMS: Usually carries money belt (silver), and a writing kit w/contracts
Languages: Mercat (literate), Gladnorian (literate)

Family: Marril (son, age 7), Mirra (daughter, age 10)

Sira Parred makes his home at the Tower of the Stag in Monaides about half the year, as representative of the Lowland Council’s trade interests coming directly out of Bar-Innis and going directly to the Riverdans and beyond. His counterpart and balance is Sira Marley Duncan – herald of the Earl of Bar-Innis. Though they are often at odd in terms of taxes, tariffs and the economic policies of Bar-Innis, ultimately they are long time allies and respected acquaintances.

The other times he spends traveling the Lowlands negotiating the alliances there. He has several assistants and no set offices (for that would show favoritism) – keeping most of his records in Monaides and a few, in secret with the confidence of Taqwill, in the Companions Library at Braddon Bog.

Drafted the council’s terms for cessation of hostilities with Berrithor (delivered in Triumphant Return to Osmail Mark)