Tarmysian Intercept


SYSTEM: D20/Dungeons and Dragons™ 5th Edition©

Characters are hired to intercept a shipment of something that is being smuggled on the Tarmysian Coast.

Location: [Steel Realms] The south-eastern coast of Tarmysia is some desolate and often empty land.
Premise: A band of mercenaries is escorting an object down the coast and the PC’s must intercept it.
Story and Progress: The PC’s must determine the best place for an ambush, be inserted along the coast, intercept the object, and meet up with the band that hired them to get extracted.
> Outcome(s) > The PC’s will either have the object or not – if not, the band who hired them will attempt to murder them and dump their bodies in the swamp.
Challenges: Strategy for least danger to party, blending in with locals, fighting the guards and/or mercenary band to get the object.. and getting out.
Rewards: 500 silvers and 2 horses.


Entire background of events leading up to the point the characters enter the picture.

What the Characters Know: Common knowledge and Uncommon [what checks are required?].

Hidden Knowledge: What is completely unknown to the players (and perhaps to the NPC’s!).


When: season

  1. Characters enter the picture…


Narrative for the characters to get them into the adventure.

Key Characters

Key Character Template

Who they are…. and their role in it all.

Motivations: What does the character hope to achieve?

> Aversion(s) > What do they hope to avoid or will not do?