The Bear Cave



What is the adventure about?

Location: [Setting] Brief information on the main or starting locale.
Premise: How do the characters get involved?
Story and Progress: What is expected to happen during the adventure?
> Outcome(s) > What is the end goal? Any potential other results?
Challenges: Monsters and type, traps, role-playing pitfalls, physical costs
Rewards: What can the outcomes bring to the characters?


Entire background of events leading up to the point the characters enter the picture.

What the Characters Know: Common knowledge and Uncommon [what checks are required?].

Hidden Knowledge: What is completely unknown to the players (and perhaps to the NPC’s!).


When: season

  1. Characters enter the picture…


Narrative for the characters to get them into the adventure.

Bear Lair

Front Cave

Reception Room

Statued Passage

Ambush Hall

Ambush Room

> Poison Gas > (dwarves have resistance)

Trapped Hallway 1

Pit trap with spikes

Defense Room


Trapped Hallway 2

Pit traps with mushroom spores

> Poison Gas > Mushroom Spores (dwarves have resistance)

Supply Room

Crossbow Room

Portcullis Area

> Poison Gas > Mushroom Spores (dwarves have resistance)

Sleeping Blocks

Bridge Hallway

Defenders Room

Annals of the Bear Kind

The annals detail that the company was wiped out by forces of Imperial Gwinn in 9141.
Only the baggage train was left – all young Dwarven males. The last 20 years have been enslavement and as agents of Gwinn.

  • CY 9141 – 9153; New Master: Dwarves grow up, trained by Gwinnish masters.
  • CY 9153 – 9155; Into Dwindor: Sent into Dwindor to seek a tomb. The entries end in the discovery of the tomb they were seeking, and a note about broken seals and preparing to explore.
  • CY 9155 – 9160; Lilymarch of Bar-Innis: Hired on to secure trade.
  • CY 9160 – 9168; Crestwold of Bar-Innis: Hired to secure trade; notes on smugglers and places.
  • CY 9168 – 9172; Agents in Loamwold: Hired on as marines by Loamwold merchants.
  • The last entry is about returning to Crestwold and preparing for the party…

Key Characters

All have the “Eyes of the Kraken

What they want: The mission they have been charged with is to insert themselves into Crestwold without noticing, infiltrate local smuggling operations, position multiple groups to prevent assistance coming to the aid of Ashfall, coordinate all attacks on those who would save Ashfall.

Current situation: The brainwashed band of whats left of the Bear Kind of Thurlow are ready to go. They have spies in the town and on site at Ashfall. Anyone who succeeds beyond a single foray into the ancient place (those that return or are not scared away) are to be stopped by any means necessary. They have multiple bands standing by to lure the party to its doom. If the party has somehow managed to track the Bear Kind down, these have failed and they must make a stand.

All are Dwarves
[Standard Fighter] FIGHTER 2nd; STR 17, CON 13
Armor: studded leather (r1), medium light shield (r1) = AC: 14
Weapons: Battle axe (D8/4; +5 hit), light crossbow (D8/4; +2 hit – fire and forget at range) +1 vs. med./+2 vs. heavy
Style: Protection (shield wall; medium light [r1]) Reaction = cause disadvantage to target within 5′
Powers: Action Surge (+1 action), Second Wind (5+2=7 hp as bonus action)
Red Hand


Stone Bullet


Nail Head



STANDARD FIGHTER; Fighter 3 / AC: 15 (hide and shield); HP = 24; STR 18, CON 14

> Battle Master (Commander Strike, Lunging Attack, Push Attack, Rally)


STANDARD FIGHTER; Fighter 3 / AC: 15 (hide and shield); HP = 24; STR 17, CON 15, CHA 14

> Battle Master (Commander Strike, Riposte, Rally)


Paladin 2nd; AC 16 (hide and shield); HP: 18; STR 13/WIS 14/CON 16/CHA 14/DEX 12

> Style: Protection

> 1st: Searing Strike, Thunderous Strike

Shoe Horn

Cleric 2nd (War/Mizras); AC: 14; HP: 16; WIS 15/STR 13/CHA 16

> Faith: +1 attack as bonus action (CHA adj per rest); Channel divinity [1] for +10 hit

  • Cantrip: Sacred Flame, Resistance, Spare the Dying
  • 1st: Shield of Faith, Guiding Bolt, Healing Word