Fault of Black Slumber

Nereslin mysteriously says that the group is like a beacon, one of three lights of the vale.

“Helca is being attacked on all sides. It’s guardians, the dragons, are gone. The Celestine Influence, their successors, has dwindled. All the forces that once stood watch are slumbering, weakened, or gone. I need the group to clear a path. It is a small, but significant job that will clear the way for others. Two great forces once battled for a unique place. This battle has slowly become forgotten, and a sort of no man’s land has sprung up. This place is a haven for fell creatures that use it as a lair, the threat of awakening the old wounds and battle spilling over into other lands is letting some of its denizens get away with literally murder.”

A ragged gash splits the odd road. Lights that look like embers of fire drift up, and an alternating fresh and fetid wind blows out of it.

Cannot plane shift, teleport, d-door or misty step in the fault bottom

1-3 on d6 archer attacks from 180’ + 150’ dmg = d6 +2 from Weretiger longbow. He has a feat where he can run and shoot once. Otherwise fighter 4th.

Aether motes – like blood from a wound; should not be here!
They can be eaten for an effect, but after the first they are reduced in effectiveness.

1: if you miss attack by 1, you succeed
2: if you miss save by 1, you succeed
3: if you make attack by nothing, you fail
4: if you make a save by nothing, you fail
5: save dc is halved (once)
6: ac is halved (once)
After 2nd, dc 1 +1 per mote each; or miscibility
You see movement out of the corner of your eye = tie this to paranoia/anxiety of spiritus

Gather up exactly 8 and plane shift and +1 to return – must be 1/round
The dwellers use a net/sheet thing

Into abyss – beholdere
Looks like area was cut out with tube drills

Cambion crime boss

Has slave pits + slave fights
Ties in to stevens adventure
Has a mirror of traveling

Grell mistaken for mind flayer spawn + 17 grimlocks – it has come hunting

Homunculus has a lair and steals stuff, going into small holes.
A hag has her soul bag stolen.
PCs get blamed for being in league – they are newcomers! Shrink and enter into the rat realm. Snails (giant), rats (small dogs), giant rats (dogs), cave crickets (vultures), small stream with blind fish (giant eel), spiders (dog size)
She will give the PCs 2 potions, 1 rael necklace of charm person; 1 rael wand with 11 charges of jump – can be done as an action. Thumb can crush a bead, 14/3 already crushed.
Free whatever is in the bag. A cruel mayor from another planet corrupted into enacting evil, capital punishment laws for power. Warlock