Shattered City Raiders

The Slaadi have sent a raiding party. They’re able to somehow bypass the Wall of M’Drone and sneak in a half dozen or soo raiders into the realm of six circles. The Slaadi are ferocious and never let themselves be taken alive by the monks.. But the PC’s will not be recognized as anything more than a random threat. The Slaadi may think they are a random encounter and there may be an opportunity to take a captive there. Use the chamber of circles to transport yourself and find them.

> Explanation of the six guardians
The PC’s will be told an overview that within each of the six realms is a guardian of knowledge. They look over the realm, and keep the passage from one end to another clear. Each realm has a unique guardian. Those entering the realms via the chamber of circles will, through magic, inform the guardian immediately that they have arrived, and the guardian will not bopther them or their mission. May help them. All guardians can see out of the eyes of many of the statues found in the 6 lands.

Transport to Redouzit
The party will learn a little of the guardian and creatures of this land; reiterate the Common Knowledge section for the land.

Redouzit – Uncommon Knowledge:
The land is truly a thing of beauty and wonder. Standing on one place will eventually see the terrain under your feet shift and become fluid, and the colors and environment is like a million millipedes flaying you one cell at a time. It is a place of endless rebounds of the memories of the past, and the hum of endless potential. Walking in a circle endlessly is said to create a link to the divine, and something of the sort will draw the attention of the great guardian. Many dreams and nightmares can be found therein. It is said the a piece of a Shattered City of the ancient north lies on a plateau of melted and fused glass. Redouzit was the land were seekers of wisdom armed only with hope and nothing else were sent.

The Starting Point
The great guardian has prepared a star-cross gate that will take the group directly to where the raiders entered into the land. It is unknown directly to him, but the gate has a fate bound connection that transports the PCs to a mostly open and empty field.

Track them across one of the land
The perils of the Pleading Victim Statues will be difficult to overcome. Their sanity will eb assaulted at every turn and violence among their ranks on each other may be required to maintain their pace and direction.
Make way through traps and sentry’s
Stop the sacrifice
Figure out how they got in
Restore the sacrificial victims