Battle of Emerald Falls



What is the adventure about?

Location: [Setting] Brief information on the main or starting locale.
Premise: How do the characters get involved?
Story and Progress: What is expected to happen during the adventure?
> Outcome(s) > What is the end goal? Any potential other results?
Challenges: Monsters and type, traps, role-playing pitfalls, physical costs
Rewards: What can the outcomes bring to the characters?


Entire background of events leading up to the point the characters enter the picture.

What the Characters Know: Common knowledge and Uncommon [what checks are required?].

Hidden Knowledge: What is completely unknown to the players (and perhaps to the NPC’s!).


When: season

  1. Characters enter the picture…


Narrative for the characters to get them into the adventure.

> Party returns to news of another major group of traders gone missing! They are met by armed townsfolk!
> Falls; Temeri mentions about the falls and the peak of power coming from them and the power of the Interloper – it was sun Stealers holy day recently! The northern lights – witchlights, begin to show at night! Temiri says its bad portents.

Path 1: For the North (Logoss)
Thane Logoss makes his presence known in town – gets a group together to investigate and stop the cult of Sun Stealer.

Path 2: For the High King (Aerabois)

Short rest interrupted

Temple Services: 8 temp HP (chanting) and spell regain equiv of long rest for spells for one character of related faith

Preparation for the Fight

Temeri: It will last for 3 nights – The Black Mould glows and grows when the Interlopers light shines upon the falls – it happens very rarely, only once about every 500 years and evil creatures stir and prowl for weeks after. Pain and Misery is sewn and spread like a jam at a feast – spread liberally. All in the attacks are wounded permanently in some way.

Inspiring Speech

If Thane Logoss Gives It: Logoss says all their duty is clear – gods, men and beast all tremble with their breaths held for this one time, each year. There has been no portents for thousands of years and he would lead a band of men to see to it that the the Black Mould of the corrupted Moon of the Interloper does not taint his wedding and his reign. “Let this day be one of despair and failure for the forces of darkness. The Interlopers light has brought forth the Black Mould – giving birth to horrid creatures. Temiri has seen this, and we all know the evil to be real. The spirit of the falls comes forth, twisted and ruined as a blue hag to curse those who walk in the day. She will lead whatever else is spewed forth. Do not lose heart – let your weapons be light, and hearts be heavy with the duty now laid out before you!”
If Aerabois Gives It: This abomination will be stopped! Your duty is clear – you will aid me in preventing a possible calamity.

Other Effects: Inspiring Speech + Bardic Inspiration

An Army at the Falls

Ambush at the falls – pre-sunrise at town (2 hour journey) if possible – skirmishers will surprise party vanguard…

Mould has given birth to a Sea Hag – spirit of falls
2 kua toa
Smoke mephit
4 skeletons; AC 13 +1 for shield wall
4 zombie; AC: 14 +1 shield wall
2 Goblin Boss: poion javelin
20 goblins; 8 have short bows
Hill Giant with a bow does 5D8 damage +5 = 29; a hill giant should be the ultimate scary thing! DC 13 STR knockback
One of thane’s right hand men sacrifice themselves for one of the PC’s

The Aftermath of Emerald Falls

The PC’s – assuming they live – will be the heroes of the Battle at Emerald Falls. Whichever side they picked in the Northern Direction (following the battle outside Creb-Navarood) will have its enemies and detractors. These will be put in play against the party as they rest and heal.

Killer Bard: Bard tries to kill them using fire and sleep in a performance

Bad Acting: Acting troupe tries to assassinate them.

Burning Need: Last rogue thing is to burn down the inn; The party should catch the rogue leaving cards with threats and try and persuade.
One survivor is using all her resources then trying to get home and get word out,
Farella is a rogue and was the friend of the high hings ranger or half sister of the prince

Obvious that if they stay, more attacks will come. It’s time to move west. His scouts and diplomats are returning.

A Visit from the elder Shaman

Grasunk, an elder shaman always smiling loves brisque cold and visits them for sweatlodge. He long ago learn to cast ‘friend’ cantrip to put chiefs in better mood will work on gallants he does it via a familiar that just repeats sing-song messages which then cannot be traced.
…Afterwards finds out some of the tribes negotiated a separate peace with Gwinnish and betrayed them. There is a huge bounty out on the elder by the forces loyal to the High King. Plus the bone utensils party smoked and ate from are those of him shaman rivals.

If the PC’s embrace this elder, his reputation for good fish and hunting rights as move through territory.

Key Characters

Key Character Template

Who they are…. and their role in it all.

Motivations: What does the character hope to achieve?

> Aversion(s) > What do they hope to avoid or will not do?