Monastery Deeper Environs

Characters must pass through the passage of Peace to get into the deep environs of the monastery. The door to the ‘lower levels’ (“Pass ye unto the Lower Depths this way” it reads in the language of Gith) is locked (DC 20) and trapped with a ward so that the monks know if anyone other than them crosses the threshold. They will try and gently neutralize those that seek the lower levels… first asking them to leave and not attacking. After three attempts, the monks will gather powerful weapons and attempt to kill the party – any surrender at this point means they forfeit participating in the great battle, will have half their gear taken as penalty for trespass, and as the monastery is overrun (see “Apocalypse” section) they will have to fight through several slaad and risk Major Wounds in running the gauntlet of the collapsing anima vortex.
Passage of Peace
“Divest thyself of violent means or face the edge of doubt”, it reads in the language of Gith.
Any character going through this arch will take maximum base damage from every weapon they carry – no bonuses added, only base. A dozen bolts means a dozen points of damage! Each counts as an attack as the weapons animate a round after the group has passed, taking them by surprise and attack, falling lifeless afterward.
As you stumble in pain from your own weapons, the floor becomes rough ahead and a massive pair of double doors made of stone loom before you. You see no lock, no inscription, no writing.
You open the double doors. The stone doors open smoothly and without a sound – a marvel of engineering. An explosion of light blinds you as it is reflected off of nearly every surface. A fire burns at the far end of a great hall which is covered in mirrors. Nothing moves but the fire in the hearth and steam from soaking clay pots in front of the hearth.
> DC 8 Dexterity of blinded 1 hour.