Raelmyth – A Land of 6 Circles
The ground is multicolored; the 6 colors of the path you are on, but merged and blended. What appears fuzzy is a rock, what appears solid moves like liquid.
A stinky wind blows (CON DC 10 or itchy, –4 init, 1 attack 10 rounds) as 2 wooden statues mark the width of the path ahead. Coming closer, you can tell that the status move, as the heads and eyes stay centered upon your group. On the heads are painted large eyes – a creepy sight for those looking .
> Groaning, the statues attack! [random 3D4 HD; AC = 5+D10; D3 attacks per action @D6 or D10 – special move: “squirrel swarm” (stop moving for a round and from their chest opens cuckoo styles and squirrels pour out)]; fire vulnerable.
Terrain: The path is radiance; everywhere are crumbled piles of stone. If examined, the stone seems to be people statues. Can try and put one back together = see if terror face and posture trying to ward off. Mending or DC 16 Perception.
The Messenger: There is a chance that the encounter [The Messenger] happens after the initial encounter.

-anything vulnerable to radiant damage takes 1/hour.

> Medusa manse/lair (reborn daily; 2 rounds – has 33% and 66% HP and AC 15); 10% per hour you encounter (4 hours away) – see approaches the party with a longbow. She will attack at range. She can bend direction and gravity (300’) to get extreme range shots without penalty. DC 11 to spot her at a distance. Her arrows have snake poison for D6 the next round – no save if damage was >4
DC 15 survival track to find lair; in lair is pool, can partially negate petrification
DC 13 spawn stone Investigation check
If the party kills here, she has chiseled out several items (4 + D10) from statues that will become real again upon her death. Roll randomly.
= partial petrify; -4 dex, -15 move, -4 str,