Berlyth – Land of the 6 Circles
The ground is multicolored; the 6 colors of the path you are on, but merged and blended. What appears fuzzy is a rock, what appears solid moves like liquid.
A clean wind blows as 2 clear crystal status mark the width of the path ahead. Coming closer, you can tell that the status move, as the heads and eyes stay centered upon your group. Within the clear heads are white orbs – a creepy sight for those looking closer. “No sir, the proud one will not like these!” – Can try to Persuade (DC 17 without skill)… dane off; they are +4
> Giggling, the statues attack! [random 3D4 HD; AC = 5+D10; D3 attacks per action @D6 or D10 – special move: “dance” ] Terrain: the path is resinous and flexible – it moves, flame and cotton candy clouds. All around are lifelike statues that stare at you.
The Messenger: There is a chance that the encounter [The Messenger] happens after the initial encounter.
The ripples will have a 50% chance of summoning the Basilisk (half if the party moves at half speed); otherwise there is a 20% chance of encountering it just resting.
> basilisk cave/lair (reborn daily – “the scaly one”) – it will talk about the “proud one”

Sphinx (“the proud one”)
Is blind. Contests against its summoned creatures – it does not like to fight directly. It does not like violence, physical athletics contests, rowing, swimming, climbing, running, rope tying and master knot work, crafters, games of chance and skill/puzzles, and Lore contests – party can gain spells, lore, and he has 2 brassards (regain a spell slot one use), a pearl of power, ring of +1 spell power, and a coveted Oruu’s Fascination (a gem that is dazzling) and all within 100’ bathed in its light lose their immunity to charm 1/day for 1 turn – only legendary creatures are immune.