Keth (Character)

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Character Portrait
Class @ Level: Monk 1,2,3,4 = 4th
Health/HP: 8+5+5+5=23+12=35
Essence: CHA (8) + SAN (9) / 2 = 8
Ability Summary
Ability Notes: Proficient in Strength and Dexterity

Proficiency: Capability, Knowledge, Items

Proficiency Bonus: +2
Communication: Galdnorean (competent), Orish (competent; literate)
Skills: Athletics (Strength - as outlander), Survival (Constitution - as outlander), Acrobatics (Dexterity), Stealth (Dexterity)
Feature(s): Wanderer: Excellent memory for maps and way finding. Always recall general layout of terrain settlements and features nearby. I can naturally find bare sustenance and clean water for myself and up to Wisdom/3 people each day.
Armor: None
Weapons: Simple Weapons, Monk Weapons, Unarmed, Short Sword




Unarmored Defense: while unarmored and without shield, AC = 10 + Dex AND Wisdom modifiers.
Unarmored Movement: +10 base move if unarmored
Slow Fall: When falling, can use Reaction to slow descent and tumble out of fall for Monk Level x 4 reduction in damage.
Deflect Missiles: If target of ranged attack, can use Reactions to reduce damage by Monk Level + Dexterity modifier + D10; if zero than it is caught and may be thrown back with 1 Ki - treating the ammo/weapon as a monk weapon with range of 20/60 long.
Martial Arts: Dex or Strength for unarmed combat modifiers - whichever is better. Base D4/3 damage for unarmed. Can use a bonus action to make an monk attack (unarmed or monk weapon) if primary action is to make an monk attack as well.
Monastic Tradition: WAY OF SHADOW
> Can cast Minor Illusion cantrip (taught by the priests of Gloom Bringer)
> 2 ki = darkness, dark vision, pass without trace, silence (without material components; taught by priests of Everdark)




Arcane Focus:
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Physical Features, Form, and Appearance

Race: Half Ork Size: Medium | Movement: 30 + bonus if unarmored > Beauty: Average

Scars, marks, etc.:

Behavior, Outlook and Perspectives

Alignment: Lawful Evil | Affinity: Kinetic | Aptitude:
Behaviors: Gallantine Code
Combat Tactics:


Background: Outlander / Origins: Outcast
Defining Personality Trait: I once ran 25 miles without stopping and nearly died to warn my brothers in contemplation of a marauding human war-band; i'd do it again for my chosen bothers.
  • Ideal: Honor: If i dishonor myself, i dishonor my clan.
  • Bond: I suffered awful visions of a coming disaster to my clan. I did all in my power to avert it, including becoming a turn coat.
  • Flaw: I remember every insult i've received and i nurse a silent resentment towards anyone who ever wronged me.

Patrons, Sponsors and Connections

What made the character become an Adventurer?

A story of growing up

A story of exemplifying beliefs

How the character came to be in the group

Took the opportunity of the attack on Kwailando-Lai to escape. Was trained to infiltrate the city - played dead outside one of the scenes and was trying to run when he had several people follow him. In trying to get rid of the dead weight, he attracted the attention of several soldiers. He managed to save a couple in the ensuing fight. They saw each other across the street as the granary raiders came by. They witnessed a woman in armor cast her weapon aside and attack a large group of orrish and soldiers, along with an Ogre at the city granary. She transformed into some evil creature with a black aura that leapt onto the Ogre. Last they saw the orgre was running off screaming and clawing it. He managed to draw away a group that was just about to discover a nearly naked man hiding and making his way to the center.

XP/CP/Inspirations Gained and Spent