Bull Jack Blacknails – Character

Character Portrait
Class @ Level: Fighter @ 2nd
Health/HP: 7,7; CON +8 = 22
Essence: 11+12/2=11 -1 affinity = 10
Ability Summary
Ability Notes:

Proficiency: Capability, Knowledge, Items

Proficiency Bonus:
Communication: Gladnorian (speak), Orrish (rudimentary speak)
Skills: Intimidate, Deception
Feature(s): Names, Faces, and Places: Though many claim the role of a bounty hunter, few actually excel at the profession save those with a keen eye for observation. Among the adept are those who are truly gifted, having an almost preternatural talent for anticipating the behavior of their targeted mark. Being among their ranks, you have an uncanny ability to recall specific details of conversation and names you overhear or participate in as it relates to your bounty, or otherwise see written, even if only for a moment or two. You can also sketch out faces and general locations you've seen with accuracy, possessing exceptional recollection. In addition, you often effortlessly identify clues when tracking your bounty's movements and disposition that would be otherwise lost on lesser pursuers.
Armor: Light Armor, Medium Armor
Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Improvised
Tools: Thieves Tools




Relentless Endurance: When reduced to 0 Health, instead reduced to only 1 - use this 1/Long Rest.




Arcane Focus:
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Physical Features, Form, and Appearance

Race: Half Orc Size: Medium | Movement: 30' > Beauty: Ugly
Description: 5'6", 149#, brown hair (short) and mustache, brown eyes, right handed, brown skin (Nakrian origins - his palms and soles are greenish like an ork); he has black nails (like an ork, but claims he paints them for effect). He typically wears a partial leather hood covering his right face - claiming his face was disfigured in a fire. His left ear is hacked (when he was a child he did not want to appear as a half orc so he disfigured it and could not do the other one from the pain).

Scars, marks, etc.:

Behavior, Outlook and Perspectives

Alignment: Lawful Evil | Affinity: Kinetic | Aptitude:
Behaviors: As a Bounty Hunter, everyone has a price - in terms of value of their life and how much their honor can be bought for. If he can buy his way to success, without risking his life (and still make a profit), so much the better.
Combat Tactics: Take out the biggest one first. From behind, with surprise... in the dark.


Background: Bounty Hunter / Origins:
Defining Personality Trait: I tend to approach conversation with people I've just met as though it were an interrogation.
  • Ideal: Endurance: In no other line of work could anyone expect to test their limits so completely.
  • Bond: Though my friends are few, I owe them my life many times over, and would happily die for them.
  • Flaw: Contract or not, I never bring murder bounties back alive. They showed no mercy, and so neither will I.

Patrons, Sponsors and Connections

What made the character become an Adventurer?

His Nakrian mother was sold into servitude in Ados, the remains of a caravan raided by Orrish warriors. It turns out she was pregnant. She was kicked into the slums by her ex-owner and managed to steal enough to live on for a year. Then she turned to prostitution. As a Nakrian she was exotic, but not enough - no pimp would take her and she was beaten and lived in poverty - dying alone of starvation. Seeing a lone sneak-thief make off with a drug-runners money and get killed, and many other times where people tried to go it alone, he realized he needed friends. Friends lead to allies, allies to partners in crime, and crime to a taste of something better.

A story of growing up

Growing up, Bull Jack was picked on and was small - he learned to take a beating. Now, he relishes being on the fist end of the beatings - but he's always tried to pick on someone his own size (because thats what everyone told the assholes that beat him and he wants to be better than them).

A story of exemplifying beliefs

He promised his mother would never be forgot. At 12 he took his entire life savings and had a stone carving made for her in the ossuary of the slums. Another time when a snitch sold him out (the mark was way too powerful caught without surprise), he kept his word and the snitch was not hurt by him and suffered no "blow back" for betraying the mark. He had to give up his life savings as a bounty hunter at that point to save his own life from the bounty owner. Later, 3 months when the mark returned to the slums, he sold the information to an information broker of who had betrayed the mark. Then he waited, following the snitch until the mark ambushed him. He made sure the snitch saw him in the shadows before he was killed by the old mark, then killed the mark - even though the bounty was no longer valid, he had given his word.

How the character came to be in the group

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