Adokul Forgedawn

Cleric 3rd; War Domain
STR 14
DEX 14
CON 17
WIS 16
SAN 11


Weapon Proficiencies: Martial; Simple
Armor Proficiencies: Heavy; Light; Medium; Shields
Language Proficiencies: Common; Draconic; Elvish; Infernal


Darkvision: 60 ft.
Damage Resistances: fire
———-Bonus Actions———-
War Priest. Make one extra weapon attack when you use the Attack action (use 3 times/long rest, see PHB 63).
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead. Undead within 30 feet must make a DC 13 Wisdom save or be turned for 1 min. or until damaged (see PHB 59).


Pouch (1); Waterskin (1); Scale mail (1); Shield (1); Manacles (1); Bedroll (1); Rations (1 day) (10); Rope, hempen (1); Tinderbox (1); Mess kit (1); Horn to summon help (1); Backpack (1); Torch (10); Emblem (1); Uniform with your rank (1)
Armor: Scale Mail, Shield
Weapons: Long sword, Mace


Your character grew up in The Forgotten realms, where your race actually has a presence and is somewhat accepted. You obvious demonic heritage meant you were recruited by the priesthood of the elemental adepts… and ultimately by the forces of darkness for a resurgence of cause. In a massive battle, you fought against a host of invaders and were caught in a backlash if one of the temple’s altars being defiled and destroyed. Into the pit you fell for day and woke up under a strange dual-sun day. You hiked until you came to the coast and fell exhausted. You woke up next on a cart. The folk of Wolfnor took you in, showed pity on you, and nursed you back to health. They gave thanks to a clan of cloud giants that protected them from the inland tribesmen – and the air and sea were their sacred elements. Your fire veneration was not beyond their ability to understand, especially once they understood your nature. Your nature changed once you found acceptance with a good people. You defended the village along with the people against the Cazua (sea raiders) and a few times against the tribesmen of the plains… long side the silvery cloud castle that brought the Cloud Giants. Over the last 10 years the assaults have grown more violent and larger in numbers. Wolfnor is 650 + 200 in hamlets outlying.. it was assaulted finally by a horde of thousands. The cloud-folk did not come… someone or something sabotaged the normal mechanism used to summon them for aid. You were caught in a fire and knocked unconscious when the building collapsed. You awoke as many survivors were leaving with a band of wanderers – headed to Shadowby and seeking a way up the slopes of the Grey Peak mountains to access the silver cloud that is the cloud giant’s home.

Jack Vi’Medj (Arabus)
Gnesh (Rocky)
Kayle (Duncan)
Prykevagen (Danny)
Kampfer – Firbolg Wizard 2/Warlock 2 (Kelly Berger)
Aerik – Human Eldritch Knight (Earl Clark)
Adokul Forgedawn – Teifling cleric of light/fire (Neel Dey)