Rax Found

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Kelly Berger

We level up to 4th level. Meena takes the Alert Feat.
We are facing the man who kidnapped Rax. He looks somewhat skeleton like. As he approaches, our lights go dim. Lennil Tarvo is his name.
Tarvo attacks Balder with a nice sword, hitting him.
Meena casts Hail of Thorns as a bonus. Then she attacks hitting twice, including a crit, but for small damage.
Talia throws a dagger, hitting him.
Modax casts Magic Missiles, and uses his metamagic spell for another attack.
Zorachai casts his Bardic Inspiration on Balder. Then attacks with his short bow, but misses.
Balder attacks with his great axe. Tarvo uses his reaction to force a re-roll, which still hits. He takes his “action surge” and rolls for another attack, but misses.
Color spray goes off and Zorachai goes blind. Modax is struck by something that poisoned him. It was Leo and Lap, two of Tarvo’s workers who were also killed with Tarvo, attack us from behind.
Tarvo attacks Balder hitting with the first and critting with the second.
Meena misses her attacks.
Talia hits with her other dagger.
Zorachai is still blind. Leo attacks him with a poisoned knife, but he is not affected.
Modax casts Web at Leo and Lap to restrain them on the wall of the cave.
Lap casts Dispel Magic and the web disappears.
Zorachai heals Balder for 11 pts.
Balder attacks with his great axe. Tarvo forces him to re-roll his hit causing him to miss.
Tarvo hits Balder and he drops.
Meena misses with one, but hits with her second attack. Tarvo is still standing.
Talia misses.
Leo attacks Talia, hitting her.
Modax casts True Strike on himself.
Lap hits Talia.
Zorachai can see now. He heals Balder again.
Balder misses. He takes his second wind and heals himself.
Tarvo misses Balder, but hits again.
Meena hits Tarvo and takes him down.
Talia attacks Lap hitting him.
Leo attacks Talia, hitting her.
Modax attacks with Chill Touch.
Lap hits Talia.
Zorachai heals Balder.
Balder targets Lap, hitting him, taking him down.
Meena attacks Leo taking him down.
Modax is not feeling well. He moves to a corner and finds Rax. She is tired and dehydrated. She is in a bad way and has been tortured. Modax casts Sleep on her so she can rest.
Our lights come back up. We feel poorly. We are standing in front of a seal that seem to be radiating bad feelings. Zorachai casts comprehend language to try to read the words on the seal. He reads “here lies Gatbok. The rest is a warning about disturbing him.
While we are waiting for her to rest, we role the bodies. We find leather armor on Tarvo.+1 on elemental damage. +2 to hide in shadows. +2 against dragon fear.
The long sword that looks better than normal. +1 on damage.
One of the men is wearing a headband that looks interesting. Balder touches it and it shocks him. We pick it up with tongs and put it in a bag. Lawful evil, reduces magical damage by 1.
He has some jewelry (400 gp)
250 gp X 2. 2 Shorts words & 2 daggers.
A magic ring-darkness (1 charge).
A pair of soft leather gauntlets of swimming and climbing.
Potion of Speed.

Rax wakes up. She has been tortured. Torval tried to open the seal, but they were attacked by a great chieftain, a bear, and bats. Rax survived because she did not want to open the seal.
We decide to put the bear skull helm back where we got it. As we leave this cave, we seal it back the way we found it and undisturbed.

As we turn to leave, a great white bear appears in front. He is pleased with our actions on the island. He gives us his memories and wisdom to protect us.

All of our party gets the Ranger’s Favored Enemies. Meena (since she’s already a Ranger) gets Primeval Awareness on a Favored enemy without using a spell slot.
We return the helm and then make our way to the boat. We approach the boat stealthily. Zorokai stumbles and shows himself. A goblin on the ship reacts and shoots Zorachai. But he is not hurt badly and he makes a joke.
Zorokai asks for a ride to the mainland. They ask for 100 gp. Z counters with 50 gp. They agree. Zorakai also entertains them well enough that they forget the 50 gp. They set us adrift on their only longboat close to the mainland, and we make our way to shore.

We are in town and the townsfolk are upset because of the death of the crew on the longboat. Zorokai tells them our story. At the end, they are placated and amazed by our adventure. We rest the night in the inn. We are served breakfast and some people follow us on our way out of town.
Rax is exhausted and will not be joining us in our hunt for the Paritan.
We head for the mountain, where we believe its nest is. The climb is somewhat dangerous. Modax, Zorokai, and Talia fall and hurt themselves.
Meena heals Talia some. Zorokai heals himself. We see a creature launch itself from the top of the mountain.
The Peryton flies over us casting a shadow. Meena is paralyzed (3 min or until damaged). Modax starts babbling and is unable to speak (8 min). Talia is stunned for 2 rounds. It glides past and flies away.
Balder shoots with her crossbow, but misses.
Zorokai shoots with a short bow, but misses.
Modax misses.
The Peryton comes back around. It attacks Zorokai, but misses it’s first, but hits with its talon.
Balder fires his crossbow.
Zorokai heals himself, then casts Bardic Inspiration on Balder.
Modax hits.
The Peryton comes back around at Zorokai, but misses.
Balder shoots and hits her.
Talia wakes up long enough to throw a dagger, but misses.
Zorokai takes it out with his shot. It falls down into the rocks. Modax cuts off her head. Meena finally starts to move and Modax is now able to speak.
The party ropes up and climbs to the top. Twigs have been woven into Druidic symbols. It seems strange to Meena. We perceive there is a struggle going on between nature and civilization.
We take the head back to town.
Mr. Foxx will give us 900 gp.