New Party

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Gazza

Kelly, Sumi, and Mario’s characters all died in the last encounter. They are now sibling dragon born. Mario’s character is human-like and the others are dragon-like.
Mario is Modax Winterheart, a Barbarian/Sorcerer.
Kelly’s is Raxhanne, a female dragon born Bard/Warlock
Sumi’s is a male dragon born Fighter named Balderdash (Balder).

After the winter wolf had killed 3 of the party members, Meena was the only one left. She was just settling herself down from the traumatic event, when the following happened: Quoted from Kelly.
Outside of Rybalka they followed the sounds of combat and found the ranger standing in a ring of dead bodies, trying to save her dying comrades. The siblings came forward and introduced themselves as the ranger nocked an arrow. After getting past their strange countenance the ranger explained what had happened. They volunteered to help bury her comrades, and Raxhanne said she would play over their graves a song that would make them remembered forever. The ranger found a cache of white tipped, rune covered arrows in a case on the winter wolf that had slain her comrades. To Modax she gave her comrade Eera’s polar bear full cape to keep him warm and a healing potion, to Raxhanne she gives the white feather from the strange arctic crow that Eera had, and the 2 other healing potions from Eera she gives to Balder. As the last notes of the song of Raxhanne fades in the winds, a strange crackling is heard. A fire elemental bursts from the trees, melting snow and creating steam all around it, attacking Balder. Balder tumbles down an embankment, snow flying. The flaming creatures chases the 3 siblings – ignoring the ranger. Spell and normal weapons do not hurt it. After several minutes, the ranger pulls the arrows she had found on the winter wolf and takes a chance and fires a few arrows into the creature. It turns on her, just as it has the exhausted siblings cornered. She fires arrow after arrow as it comes toward her, and the freezing aura from the last magical arrow snuffed out the life of the fire elemental. The three are in debt to the one. Raxhanne says it is a sign, they are destined to travel together. The ranger explains the local problem they were trying to solve, and all agree to help her and the local people – to continue the quest and honor the commitments made.

We skin the large wolves and go back to town. The people are curious about the 3 dragon born and the wolf pelts. Meena tells them that these are not the wolves that have been killing the sheep. The villagers are getting scared again, but the 3 siblings convince them of their power and promise to continue the search.
We spend the night in town (Modax with a barmaid).
The sage tells us that the fur we found was werewolf fur.
There was rain overnight, but we head for the Dark Wood. We meet up with Brook with his flock. He is going up to the area where he lost his sheep. We go with him.
We arrive at the high pasture. We look around by the dark wood and find some fur, blood and a sheep carcass. We find some unidentified tracks that lead into the forest.
We find some ruins on the edge of the wood. We search around and are startled by a loud scream. A human in rags says “Go away, he’ll make me kill you”.
Rax looks into his mind and finds someone else is controlling him and is seeing out of his eyes.
Modax casts Color Spray and blinds him. Balder grapples him and ties him up and blindfolds him.
We ask him who is controlling him. He cannot tell us. We ask him if he is the one killing the sheep. He says “yes, and he made me kill people too.” He also broke into the library and took the lab equipment.
He mentions the name Bekinqua. Rumors of a child of the village by that name, that looked hideous, whose father was killed by a slaying arrow.
We decide to take him back to the sage in town, but before then, he changes into a werewolf. He breaks his bonds and his blindfold pops off.
Meena attacks with the Sun Lord Blade, hitting him. She also hits with her shorts word, but it doesn’t seem to do any damage.
Modax casts True Strike on Rax. Rax hits with lightening.
Balder attacks with the ax, hitting him.
The wolf goes after Meena, but misses both claws and the bite.
The wolf takes more damage from the lightening spell.
Meena attacks twice, hitting both, but only the Sun Lord blade does damage.
Modax casts True Strike on Balder.
Balder attacks, hitting and killing him. He reverts back to human form. As he dies, he whispers “thank you”.
We take him back to town and give the body to the sage. We tell the townsfolk that his was the creature that was killing the sheep and men and that broke into the library. The sage tells us that this was Gunar Silkbeard, who had been missing.
The sage tells us that one can control a lycanthrope with dark magic using a doll as binding. He does not recognize the name Bekinqua.
We stay at the inn again. A Bard is preforming. His name is Siva Grenae. He is telling about his heroics and adventures, that don’t seem likely. Modax greases his table and he slips off and falls. The crowd laughs and Modax buys him a drink. Upon asking him about himself, we learn he is full of bull shit. We determine (after getting him drunk), that he knows nothing of the matter of the werewolf.
The next day we head back to the ruins. We run into Brook again and tell him about Gunar. He tells us of a hunter in the woods that will let travelers stay at the cabin. Kuall is his name.
The ruins have been there forever. There may be a cave close by.
We look around and find the cave entrance. We light torches and enter the cave.
We set off a trap, of rocks that fall on us. Meena takes half damage.
The cave opens up a bit. Balder and Modax fall into a pit trap. Modax saves himself from falling in. Balder falls about 20 feet.
Balder takes a healing potion. We throw a rope down and haul him back up.