Last Werewolves

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Gazza
There is one more werewolf left in town. We will search for it.
We run into a half-elf Rogue, named Talia. She offers her services to our party.
We decide to check out the cabin in the Dark Woods. We take the fetish with us.
We find the cabin and look around. The door seems to be locked. While Talia is trying to unlock the door, we hear someone coming. He shouts “hello” and asks what we are doing. Talia says she is admiring the lock. Caul is his name and he says he made the lock.
He offers his cabin to us, as long as someone chops wood. Modax chops wood.
Rax telepathically puts the word “werewolf” in his mind. He gets suspicious of us and says we can stay for an hour, then we have to leave. Rax insists we are just passing through, but Caul says he was in the village yesterday and heard there was a party looking for werewolves.
Rax tries to cast Charm Person while playing the harp. Rax succeeds in Charming him. She asks him about himself, to see if he is really who he says he is. He seems familiar with everyone in the village.
Rax shows him the fetish. He doesn’t seem to recognize the doll. We seem to be out of questions, so we give him some wine to ease his coming out of the spell. We persuade him that we were just playing a drinking game.
We head back to town. The full moon is not for 10 days. We stay at the Thirsty Serpent. The sage tells us that silver is lethal to werewolves.
We hear a commotion outside. There is a large man swearing, saying he’s going to kill someone. Rax offers him free beer. He’s pretty drunk and tells us about a man who asked him for logs and then wouldn’t pay him. The man had stopped working, and then hit him when he asked him for his money.
We ask the sage about the ship builder. Soren. He tells us he hasn’t seen him for a while. He’s the ship builder in town for 25 years. He tells us where he lives.
We head down to the wharfs and find his house. Balder goes to the door, with Modax next to her. Balder knocks. There is a voice that yells “go away”. Modax tells him to come out and pay the woodsman or we will come in. Soren says he won’t open the door.
Balder attempts to break in the door. At first it holds, but Meena helps him and the door burst open.
We see 3 wolves and a werewolf. The werewolf snarls something and the wolves attack us.
A wolf attacks Balder and crits him for 14 pts.
Talia enters the house and attacks but misses.
Rax sends an Eldritch Blast at the wolf in back, hitting it.
Another wolf attacks Meena hitting her for 9 pts.
Balder attacks the wolf that hit him. He takes him down.
The wolf in the back moves toward Rax, Meena gets an attack of opportunity, and takes him down.
The werewolf attacks Balder. He misses the claws and the bite.
Modax casts Magic Missile at the werewolf. He hit but didn’t do much.
Meena attacks the wolf twice, hitting once.
Talia sneaks behind the werewolf and hits him. But the rapier doesn’t seem to damage him.
Rax casts Witch Bolt on the werewolf, hitting him.
The wolf attacks Meena but misses.
Balder attacks the werewolf, hitting him.
The werewolf attacks Balder, hitting with one claw for 7, he crits on the bite. Balder is down.
Modax casts Magic Missiles at the werewolf.
Meena attacks the werewolf, critting him on the first attack. She hits on the second attack, hitting him, but doing no damage.
Talia attacks the wolf, hitting it.
Rax moves next to Balder and heals her back to 1 pt.
The wolf turns and bites Talia.
Balder uses his second wind to regain strength.
The werewolf attacks Meena putting her down.
Modax casts Chill Touch against the werewolf, but misses.
Meena makes one death save.
Rax casts Witch Bolt on the werewolf, taking him down. She then moves to Meena’s body to protect it.
The wolf misses Talia.
Balder attacks the wolf, but misses.
Modax stabilizes Meena.
Meena takes out the wolf.
We level up to 3.
We have taken out all the werewolves. The town wines and dines us. The mayor gives the party another 200 GP. The shipbuilder’s son gives us 100 GP as well for saving his family name.
We divide up the party gold with 393 each.
Meena adds 7 to her HP. Will take the Hunter Archetype and the Colossus Slayer feature.