KaTeeks Temple

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Gazza
There are two small passages in the south side of the room. Eera starts down the west corridor. She comes to a room with a cave in and lots of rubble.
We work at clearing out the rubble, at Eera’s request. After 10 hours, we are exhausted and we are no closer to finding out what caused the collapse.
We take a long rest.
We go down the East corridor, Eera in the lead. We find a room that is partially flooded with ice covering the water. There is a Sun Lord alter with a large Elk upon the altar, which is frosted.
Eera approaches the altar and finds a gold amulet of the Sun Lord. She gives it to Singin to look at. Eera thanks the elk for its gifts and takes the elks antlers.
Singen gives the amulet to Meena to keep as party treasure.
Eera finds a secret door. It is unlocked. Singen goes in to the room and finds 3 goblins.
Dulug shoots at Singen for 4 pts.
Grog attacks Singen with a scimitar, missing.
Sinjin casts Sleep. Two of the three fall asleep. Then he moves back into the other room. With a bonus action he casts Bardic Inspiration on Alta.
Meena tries to shoot with her longbow, but misses.
Eera uses a thorn whip and hits Grog.
Grog crits Eera.
Meena misses again.
Sinjin hits with his bow.
Meena finally hits for 6 pts.
Eera attacks and takes out Grog. We also kill the other goblins.
It looks like they have been living in this room. There is an altar with the skeleton of a boar. Eera takes the boar’s skull.
We find on the goblins:
Nice scimitar; a human eyeball; a potion of disguise self; a potion of haste; 14 GP. We identify the scimitar as a +1 weapon the goblins called “Dog Slicer”.

Eera heads down the next passage way. There is a secret door. Eera hears scratching on the far side and tells the party about it. She prepares a spell. She opens the door. It is dark. She enters the room. In the room is a large skeleton of a wolf.
Alta enters the room and attacks the skeleton. She uses her Bardic Insp. to hit. And she hits on a second attack.
Meena hits twice with her swords.
Eera takes him out.
The altar in this room is covered in rubble. Eera takes the wolf’s skull.
We go through the main door and go into the room with the 7 doors. We have checked one side.
We check the room at 11:00, but it won’t open. We believe it is the room that we cleared the rubble from.
The door at 9:00 only opens a crack.
Sinjin unlocks the door at 7:00, but it only opens a crack.
We move to the stairs, heading down. Sinjin leads us down. We come to a stone door with a sun on it. Sinjin suggests we try fitting the amulet in it. It fits, and the door slides open taking the amulet with it.
There are urns, a couple treasure chests and weapons and armor lying about.
Sinjin moves into the room checking for traps. He moves towards an urn. We hear the sound of bone against stone.
Meena moves into the room and crits one of the skeletons.
A skeleton hits Sinjin. Another hits him as well. He is down.
Eena moves into the room and casts Thunderwave. Two of the skeletons collapse. The other two and the rest of the party are injured and blown 10 feet back.
Meena moves next to Sinjin and casts Cure Wounds, awakening him.
Sinjin casts True Strike on Alta. She attacks and takes out a skeleton. She moves to the last skeleton and hits him too.
Eera hits the skeleton and he crumbles.
We do some healing and then take a long rest.
We check the room for traps and check out the chests. One of them is empty, as is the other. The armor and weapons are rusty and ruined.
212 G; 230 S; 4 pearls (100 G); Longbow (old style) in perfect condition. The vases have no dust on them. They are empty.
Sinjin identifies the Longbow as a +1 Longbow (Sinjin) using one of the pearls.
Sinjin tells us the vases are glowing slightly. They are trolls that have had a transformation spell put on them about 1000 years ago. They have been conscience and they have a 15 Intelligence. Eera throws hers overboard. Meena keeps hers for now.

We find a chink in the wall and find a ring. It is a Life ring with a sun, star, and moon on it. It gives you 20 temp hit pts when worn.
We take our treasure and make our way back out of the mountain. We head back to the lake where the ship is waiting.
Eera buries the remains of the sacrifices.
We board the ship and we head out.
We meet with Spider Braz. He is pleased with our efforts. He pays us the 500 GP each.
Meena gives 100 GP to her family in town.
Sinjin buys a breast plate.