KaTeeks Sword

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Gazza

We make our way to the door. We say “I am a goblin, open the door” in goblin. We see a shimmer and a veil is lifted. There is a hole in the door.
Priestwick and Sherlock come running up and say “We’ll guard the door after you go in”. (Singen is immediately suspicious).
Singen goes first through the door. We see a corridor that has partially collapsed. The footing is treacherous. There are stairs that descend.
Meena climbs over the rubble, then Eera, then Sinjin, then Alta. We all make it down the stairs across the rubble.
We hear something behind us and turn to see the skeleton of a dog-like creature.
Alta attacks it with her quarter staff, hitting it. She also strikes it with her hand critting him doing max damage.
Meena tries to shoot him, but misses.
Sinjin casts Heroism on Alta.
The skeleton tries to bite Alta, but misses.
Alta attacks, missing with her quarter staff, but hitting with her off hand.
Meena misses her shot again.
Eera tries to sling it, but misses.
Sinjin casts True Strike on Alta.
Alta hits her attack.
Meena misses again.
Eera attacks and hit.
Sinjin casts True Strike on Alta.
Alta hits the dog again and it collapses.
We move into the next large room. There are 7 doors with animals depicted on the floor in front of each door. On the floor is a mural of the Sun Lord with suns for eyes, with a Lady on his arm.
Sinjin moves across the room and tries to open the large door. It is made out of stone, as the outer door was. After great effort, he gets the door open. We see another set of stairs.
Sinjin goes through the door. A portcullis comes down on top of him. He takes damage and falls back into the room. He uses Second Wind to heal himself almost back to full strength.
He enters a small anti-chamber with a crystal chandelier covered in moss and lichen. He carefully checks out the room, and he falls down into a pit trap.
Meena throws him a rope and he climbs up. On the other side of the room is another stairway and another room. This one is larger and painted with yellow suns. There is a gold sun in the middle of the room. There is a skeleton lying in the room with a shining sword.
Four skeletons appear in the room with us.
One of them attacks Meena but misses.
Another misses Alta. Alta misses with her staff.
Another misses Sinjin.
Eera attacks with her scimitar but misses.
Meena hits with one attack but misses her second.
A skeleton hits Eera.
Sinjin take out a skeleton with Dissident Whispers. He casts Bardic Inspiration on Meena (2).
Eera hits with her scimitar.
Meena takes out one skeleton and damages another.
Eera is injured.
Sinjin casts True Strike and Bardic Inspiration on Alta.
Alta hits the skeleton next to her.
Meena is hit.
Eera crits on a skeleton. He takes him out.
Meena hits one attack but misses the second.
Sinjin readies his bow and notches and arrow.
Alta moves and hits the last skeleton. She takes him down.
Sinjin looks at the sword carefully. There are 3 sun inscriptions on the sword.
We decide to heal ourselves and rest the night.
Sinjin casts Identify on the sword. Blade of the Sun Lord. Upon touching the sword, it sets off a spear trap, but Sinjin is able to dodge it.
Forged 350 years ago for Ka’Teek. Magical sword. +2 Longsword (+4 against evil creatures). It can only be used by Good alignment. It bonds with the owner and tries to return to him if lost. (Meena)