Boat of Enemies

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Kelly Berger

Meena recalls that this was territory claimed by the Aweago Bear Tribe with a chieftain named Gatbock, that drove civilized folk out of the territory. A shaman named Ilrog was his companion in this endeavor.
We hear a horn in the distance. It did not come from the island, it came from the direction of the mainland. Meena realizes it is a boat horn.
We see the prow of a boat coming through the mist. It is slowly drifting into view. There is a clamor on the boat. Zorachai yells “down everyone”. The crew is arming itself. There is a large half-orc in the bow. We see many people and types on board.
We hide and try and stay out of sight. Zorachai casts Invisibility on Talia and she sneaks closer to the boat and watches.
Four kobolds jump off the boat and set up a guard phalanx. The half-orc jumps on shore and draws out a broad sword. He says “it looks safe”. A priest and 4 skeletons disembark. Talia feels evil and she returns to the group and reports.
The orc calls out that he can make us out and we are not far. As we are discussing our plan, everything goes dark.
We feel for a wall and start to move along it. The kobolds try to attack us, but they miss in the darkness. Talia is in front and she moves out of the darkness and sees a human standing in front of her. She is still invisible. She crouches down and tries to move around behind him. Two acolytes stand nearby. She is able to get behind him and she readies her dagger. She stabs for his throat. As the priest dies, his blood sprays Meena in the face as she comes out of the darkness.
The darkness remains in place. One of the acolytes reveals himself as the priest. He casts Hold Person on Talia.
Meena attacks the Priest and hits once.
Modax comes out of the darkness and casts Ray of Frost on the Priest.
Balderdash moves out of the darkness and attacks the cultist, but he misses.
Zorachai moves out and shoots with his short bow, hitting the Priest.
The cultist attacks Balder with a mace, but misses.
The Priest attempts to reach out to Meena, but she misses.
Zorachai hears orc language to the NW and lets the party know.
Meena hits the Priest with one of her attacks and the Priest falls, dead.
Modax casts Sleep on the Kobalds.
Balder attacks the cultist, but misses.
Zorachai shoots at the cultist, but misses.
The cultists attacks Balder, but misses.
Meena moves to the Cultist and kills him. We coup de gras the 4 kobolds. Balder & Meena chop off their heads, hands and feet.
We hear the orcs horn ring out. It seems to be coming from the boat.
We head toward the other known cave. We come upon the entrance to another cave. The entrance is a large maw. We can hear the sound of water coming from its depths.
Meena finds old bits of small animal bones in the entrance. We enter and find a large chamber. The ceiling is covered with soot. It seems this was an old habitations.
We set up a trip wire trap to warn us of anyone following us in.
Meena and Talia enter. Meena slips and slides down, scraping herself.
There are 3 old fire pits and signs of habitation long ago. There is artwork on the walls, but most are covered with soot.
There is a pile of rocks in the center. Talia investigates carefully. It’s a large piece of stone that is covered by smaller stones. We clear the small stones off and find a large stone with a pictogram of two humans riding a bear. Zorochai realizes this is the habitation of the Bear Tribe. We decide to leave things as they are.
We search the rest of the cave and find the indentation of bear hands high up in the cave wall. It is the same size as the stone with the Pictogram. We make a step up to the indentation using other stones. We lift the stone and insert it into the indentation in the wall.
A large swarm of bats flies into the cave, and takes out our lights. They continue to swarm us. Something attacks Balderdash, something cold, wet and oily smelling, but it misses. We hear a liquid sounds on the floor.
Modax casts Sleep on many bats, and the rest leave. We see an oily ooze on the floor.
Talia lights her torch.
Meena shoots it with her longbow and hits.
The Ooze attacks Balder, but misses.
Balder counter attacks, but misses.
Zorachai casts Sleep on the Ooze, but it has no effect.
Modax casts Magic Missile hitting the Ooze.
Meena hits again with her long bow.
The Ooze misses its attack.
Balder shoots again, but misses.
Zorachai casts Sleep again, but as a more powerful spell. It stops moving.
Modax casts Magic Missile and kills the Ooze.
We look at the place where the Ooze came out of and see a 3 X 3 square passage. Talia investigates it. It goes about 12 feet and opens out into a dry room.
Modax decides to go first. About halfway down, a spike comes out of the floor, but Modax is able to avoid it. He goes to the end. There are lots of bear bones and a bear skull in the shape of a helmet. Talia joins him and she finds a pressure plate trap.
The bones start to assemble and are menacing the party.
Zorachai heads into the tunnel and gets though.
The bear attacks Talia and hits her.
Modax enters the room and casts Chill Touch, but it has no effect.
Balder and Meena start down the tunnel.
Talia attacks with her rapier, hitting the bear.
Zorachai casts True Strike on Modax.
The bear roars and some feel fear, except for Modax and Zorachai.
Modax casts Chill Touch hitting the bear.
The bear misses Modax.
Zorachia casts True Strike on Modax.
Modax hits with Chill Touch again.
They continue with their spells, hitting the bear again and again, while he misses.
The bear finally hits Modax.
Modax hits it again and it collapses on the floor.
Zorachai heals Modax back.
They tell the party that there were 5 bears.
We take the helm and depart the cave.
We hear another horn blow. We also hear the orc taunting us from outside the cave.
Talia climbs into the large cave. She sees skeletons forming a shield wall in the entrance. There is also some sort of wormlike creature waiting to enter the cave.