World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Gazza
Meena takes a potion (8 pts) and gives 1 of hers to Balder.
Meena has a +1 Longbow from the now dead Sinjin and gives her standard Longbow to Modax and 10 arrows.
Rax moves forward into an open area. She hears a scream and a large, harry humanoid (lycanthrope) jumps out at her. She casts Witch Bolt (crits) for full damage.
Balder moves next to Rax and attacks the werewolf, hitting it.
The werewolf attacks Balder biting him. Balder makes his save.
Meena shoots her longbow, hitting the werewolf.
Modax casts Magic Missile for 10 pts.
Rax casts Witches Bolt, but only for 1 pt.
Balder crits him, dropping him. He turns into a human.
On the south end of the room is another werewolf and mid-way is a creature that has many potions and possible spell books. He is very hideous (Bekinqua?).
Baquinka starts to cast a spell. Modax casts Magic Missile, hitting him.
Balder moves next to Baquinka and hit him with his great axe.
Baquinka disengages from Balder and disappears.
The werewolf moves up to Balder and attacks, hitting him with a claw, crits with the other claw and Balder drops to the ground. The werewolf starts moving up to the rest of us.
Meena shoots the werewolf but it doesn’t seem to do any damage.
Rax casts Charm person and it is successful. Rax tells us to hold “We are all friends here”.
The werewolf stands there and seems confused.
Rax tries to tell the werewolf that we are friends via ESP, but he hears “I have control of him, you do not” and the werewolf comes out of his Charm and starts towards Meena and Modax again.
Balder rolls a death save and fails #1.
A small vial flies over Balders head and breaks about 10 feet from him and bursts into flame.
The werewolf moves to Modax and attacks, but he misses.
Meena attacks the werewolf with the Sun Lord sword hitting and doing some damage. She also hits with her regular shorts word, but it does no damage.
Modax goes into a rage and attacks the werewolf hitting him.
Balder rolls a successful death roll.
Rax is hit with a small vial which burst into a flash flame. Rax moves without stepping in it.
The werewolf attacks Modax but misses.
Meena attacks the werewolf hitting with the Sun Lord blade.
Rax blasts the werewolf with an Eldritch Blast hitting it.
Modax attacks with his spear, hitting it for 10 pts.
Balder fails the 3rd death roll.
The werewolf misses his attack.
Meena hits with the Sun Lord blade.
Rax moves next to Balder and gives him a healing potion. Balder is up again.
Modax attacks with his spear, hitting it.
Balder uses Second Wind to gain 3 more pts. He moves up and sends a blast of cold breath at the werewolf. He takes half damage.
The werewolf misses his attack on Modax.
Meena hits with the Sun Lord blade.
Rax hits with her Eldritch Blast, critting it, dropping the werewolf.
Modax moves to Balder and gives him a healing potion.
Rax tells us where she last saw Baquinka. We head that direction. Another vile lands about 10 feet in front of us.
Modax moves over and attacks Baqinka with his chilling hand, but misses.
Balder moves up and attacks, hitting him.
Baqinka steps back, giving Balder an attack of op. who crits him. It kills him.
We find some lab equipment in another alcove.
Sack of 255 G, 1041 C,
Large book-Tome of Lycanthrope control. (Infernal)
Rax takes Baqinka’s head.
He is a bearded devil (without a beard).
He had 2 glass balls with liquid inside (like the flaming bombs that were thrown at us).
2 Small dolls with stones for heads.
We search the rest of the cave, avoiding another rock trap.
There was another doll on the table. We take it all, including the heads of the werewolves and leave the cave. It is mid-morning. We head back to town quickly.
We present the heads of the people who were werewolves to the Mayor. We tell the sage what we found. The Mayor pays us 100 G each and 500 for the devil. We will draw a map to the cave for another 100 G. The sage pays 150 G for the return of his lab equipment.
The sage tells us the dolls (fetish) control the werewolves. There will still be one werewolf out there somewhere. The sage feels the 4th one has not turned yet.
We will rest and resupply for now.
Rax identifies the book. It’s a magic tome that radiates evil. Covered in human werewolf skin. It mentions a well-known necromancy. Only can be used by Devils. They can control werewolves by creating a fetish. (14,500 G).