Anuators Shield

Animated shield that belonged to Anuator – the best friend and partner of Torren the wizard. Anuator was a man of exceeding goodness and charity. He was a devotee of some powerful Celestial being, and it is said that this being crafted the shield for him to defeat evil creatures. By all accounts, he seemed totally fearless in pursuing such targets – nothing could dissuade him from his task. It was said that the shield was really made for he AND his best friend Torren… Torren would use his friends shield to amplify his power when on quests, to protect them from those seeking to track them or stop them. On the battlefield, Anuator had a reputation for “being everywhere”; A lot of it was due to this feature of his shield – causing his dancing sword to fly far away and be attacking, in addition to him attacking himself with his mighty halberd.
DESCRIPTION: The shield is rectangular, not round. It is decorated, but not ostentatiously. It appears to be wood backed and with a polished steel rim and covering, with elements of gold, copper, and silver decoration.

Armor Properties: +2 AC bonus (medium, heavy; 2 resilience – first one has no impact on AC)
Bonus Action to animate [for 10 minutes] REQUIRES: Attunement
Sentience: The item was imbued with a will by a powerful otherworldly power.

  • Intelligence: 11 / Wisdom 12 / Charisma 14; Essence = 3
  • Communication: The item communicates by transmitting emotion to the creature carrying or wielding it.
  • Conflict: The item demands that its wielder dispose of anything the item finds repugnant (evil or associated with Fiends).
  • Senses: Hearing and normal vision to 30 ft.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    > Harmful to Evil if held: CHA adjustment in damage to creatures attempting to Attune or wield it who are evil, per round

Unbonded Powers

Celestial Vulnerability: If a Celestial creature attacks or is within 5’, the wielder of the shield is outlined in Faeie Fire and takes D4 radiant damage when the effect initially manifests; They gain Disadvantage to any fear, fright, or intimidation done by Celestials (and the wielder can automatically understand such efforts).

Vigilant: If an Alarm spell is cast on the shield, its distances and ranges are doubled. Also, once per short rest, the shield negates the extra damage of a Sneak Attack performed upon the wielder (when animate only).

Bonded Powers

The shield’s bond grants a compulsion that ensures the wielder will donate 10% of all their worldly goods to charity.
BOND: [1] Essence

Bulwark: Additional 1 Resilience [total 2] before AC penalty
> 1/Short Rest, as a Reaction: Blade Ward (weapons only) [3 rounds], Protection from Evil (Fiends; Disadvantage to attack + immune to charm, frighten and possession) [10 minutes]

Animating Influence: If the shield wielder also has a dancing sword, the sword’s time and range is doubled if the shield is animated (when animate only).

Blade Breaker: If any opponent fumbles, non magical weapons automatically break. Magical ones lose initiative against the shield wielder (automatically drops to 1 less than wielders; the weapon will bounce off the shield, vibrating in their hands) the following round.