Ghost Sector Merchant Raiders (X-Wing Scenario)

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The pirates in the Ghost Sector have been preying on lightly defended merchant vessels and attacking imperial shipping on multiple fronts. To stop the villainous scum multiple VT-49 Decimator assault ship has been sent out to crush the enemy.  The Dauntless a VT-49 Decimator allocated to your sector was ambushed by a sizable pirate force let by the infamous Talonbane in a Kihraxz Fighter.

Points = 75
(rough; force descriptions will indicate deviations/options)

# Players easily accommodated:

Estimated time to complete:


Wipe out the Pirate ace and his band. Show them the might of the Empire! (The VT-49 has crash landed on an asteroid and is not in the scenario) (Use 6 asteroids for an asteroid field).

Victory Condition – Kill Talon Bane. Destroy his 2 of 3 of his men as secondary objective.

Summary Information

Force 1: Emperial 181st Fighter Group

(1)    Tie Interceptor – Turr Phennir 25pts – Shield Upgrade 4pts.

(1)    Tie Interceptor – Tetran Cowall 24pts – Shield Upgrade 4pts.

(1)    Tie Interceptor – Fel’s Wrath 23 pts – Shield Upgrade 4pts.

Force 2: The jesters squadron

(1) Aging Y-wing, Syndicate Thug 18 pts, Twin Laser Cannon 6 pts

(1) Heavy M3-A Interceptor and war torn Cartel Spacer 14pts

(1) War Torn HWK-290 Spice Runner 16 pts, Twin Laser Cannon 6 pts

(1) Kihraxz Fighter with Talon Bane 28pts, Dead Man’s Switch 2pts

Force 3: None

Force 4: None

Back Story

This saga continues in Ghost Sector Retreat!

Author: Mario Kundzins; originally published February 2016