Firsts (The Eldest of All)

These Principals have many names individually and collectively. They have no true names for themselves individually, as they never felt cut off or anything other than as one with the multiverse. Collectively, they only refer to themselves as “Firsts”, though by now most use the labels given to them by others. These are the ancient beings, the earliest of entities that formed from strange energies, experiencing the birth and death of universes within the multiverse. Time has little meaning, though it does flow through them it has no effect on them. Each is a primordial awareness, once massive and formless and able to manifest almost any presence, they watched the galaxies form and dragons rise along with all other species after. They were limitless in power, but had no need or desire to exercise it over others. They were aware of each other, but needed no direct interaction. They sent psychic ripples to each other over thousands of light years distance, asking questions and analyzing all that they had sensed. Egoless yet curious, cold and amoral, for untold eons they drifted through the multiverse until something happened.

Then came ego, and so came the age of The Olde Ones.

To keep the cosmic balance, the long game was enjoined by The Greate Ones.

Protectors of Cosmic Balance

The Multiplicities Uranos

The few of their kind that had not gone the way of The End of Multiplicity, and managed to escape the egoification, had created and placed pieces of themselves across the multiverse in this form. No longer were there any of the Firsts left in their native manifestations. These beings knew that if they manifested across the multiverse as a physical multiplicity, they would forever be immune to whatever had attacked the psyche and corrupted the others. They saw this out of time, and knew what was necessary to keep the balance of power throughout the multiverse in terms of the most ancient and powerful of beings, allowing other species and civilizations to rise and fall without the wave of destruction the Olde Ones brought with them. They coalesced around the most massive of stars in the multiverse, known in their own tales as Uranos. The sun was drained of all its energy, and the Firsts executed their plan of cosmic balance. From this moment comes the beginning of the decline of Draconic genus’s – as their own greatest entities weakened their own life force to ensure its success.. Ego begins its reign in their kind as a result. It is believed that the dragons took on the ego corruption to prevent it from infecting the Firsts in their vulnerable moments. The multi light year sized gas clouds solidified under the radiation and The sun went supernova. The equitus crystals were hurled into the vastness of the multiverse. From the remnants of the remains, the Hypeasteron system and Tevverus trinary systems were made. On Helca, the unconscious power of the Firsts gave rise to the Druunad. The corrupted draconic watchers gave rise to the Amenti-Epyp. The Greate Ones safeguarded the strange creature that would evolve into the Nakrians on Helca.

The formation of Equitus Crystals

They became the Equitus Crystals throughout the multiverse.

What is Known

The existence of these creatures is known by almost all higher order beings. Unbidden they come into their thoughts, and unwanted are their attempts to influence and alter their plans. Only the oldest surviving dragons remember anything close to the origins, no other species or entities do. Even the higher order beings have myth, legend, and tales – these creatures are impressed upon the memories of many such creatures of power and/or their minions.

The Ur-Dacuateon were aware of the Olde Ones and Greate Ones and the differences between them. They are also aware that they both have some connections to the Equitas Crystals found across the multiverse. They do not have full knowledge of how it all came to be, but do understand that these are primordial first-entities. Because they are somehow connected to the crystals, the Ducateon consider them beyond concern, and beyond any power they themselves could wield, so it is best to stay out of the way. He of their kind, has encouraged them to find a way to tap into the crystals, to seek them out as one of the multiverses greatest mysteries and use their natural inclinations to sing, amplifying the power of crystals and resonance.