The Oldening of Orlec

This is the name given to the strange effect which brought, from some place, an entire land and its places, towns, forts, and villages – with no people – to the world of Orlec. No one ever knew where it was transported from – all signs, names, etc. were ruined or destroyed. Nothing besides the land and structures came to the new world. There is no explanation, but people were drawn to it – without having to build, kingdoms, cities-states, and fiefdoms sprang up overnight for whoever could claim them.
Characters: There is a bit of a mystique in being from the Olden Kingdoms – they are separated from the rest of the lands and only accessible through mountains and across steppes or by only a few far ports.

The source of the Oldening is Astridmaen Firsten/The First Kingdom.

Places in The Oldening

Olden Kingdoms