Bromokol (Spear)

Bromokol was brought forth from an ancient tomb in The Oldening when it was first manifest in Orlec. Nomadic peoples, transplanted themselves from an unknown world, inhabited the lands in which it was found. The appearance of The Oldening brought many a treasure hunter. The nomads were slaughtered by Karvay Maintz – a self styled “knight”. An evil and spiteful man by all accounts, he traveled to Merowey and settled there.

Description: The spear is a 5′ shaft of hickory. The tip is a silver metal of unknown origin, but it is cold to the touch and strong as steel. The spear glints in the cold, and frost vapors waft off the spear tip.


REQUIRES: Attunement, 1 Essence, Evil (alignment)

  • +1 Attack
  • D6/3 (magical) piercing & +2 (magical) cold Damage
  • Resistance to Cold (magical and non-magical)
  • 1/Short Rest Frozen Flash: If the butt is on frozen ground/ice the wielder can cast a number of Rays of Frost = wielders proficiency bonus (+1 ray if the wielder knows the cantrip); each one requires separate Attack at +5 or the wielders Spell Attack modifier if they know the cantrip (whichever is greater).
  • 1/Short Rest: Compelled Duel, Shield, Freeze (Grease, but cold), and Ice Brand – Grants a measure of Greater Resilience to the spear that lasts 3 rounds; and casts Armor of Agathys at 2nd level (or +2 levels if the wielder knows the spell).
  • Cold Revenge: If the wielder is dropped to 0 HP or below, a Chromatic Orb (cold +6/15) is fired towards the killer.
  • Icy Reconstitution: The Greater Resilience of the spear can be restored if it is buried in ice or submerged in near frozen water for 1 full day. If the spear is broken/destroyed it will reconstitute in 30 days under the same circumstances – though it must be done within 3 days of the spear breaking.


Sentience: The item was imbued with a will by a otherworldly power.
Personality: Ideals: Pain (sadism), Honor (single combat or against odds), Glory (killing of foes – not capture or defeat)

  • Intelligence: 7 / Wisdom 10 / Charisma 14; Essence = 3
  • Communication: The item communicates by transmitting emotion to the creature carrying or wielding it, and the vapors coming off the spear tip.
  • Conflict: The item demands that its wielder dispose of anything the item finds repugnant (overtly good).
  • Senses: Hearing and normal vision to 120 ft.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
    > Harmful to Good or Neutral if held: 2 damage to creatures attempting to Attune or wield it, per round