Game of Rauket

Rauket has its origins in the north, where it is still played in Rhyl, The Merchant Cities (north more than south – but rivalry betwee them), and the Sea King remnants of Gwinn. Through the Sea King cultural influence in Tarmysia, the game has also been played for ages in Dunstrand as well. It is thouhgt to once have been a a descendants of a victory celebration played by the victors of war – the ‘ball’ ontaining the severed head of the enemy. The ‘court’ was comprised of the major captured buildings, to which the head as run to, and summmarily thrown against. Multiple participants did their best to never let the trophy touch the ground. The blood smears upon the walls were left until they naturally wore away – as a reminder. Over the course of centuries, it became a contest of the most heads, and finally evolving into the modern Rauket of today.

Rauket Rules

1st Generation: 1st Generation: 5 players per team compete with clubs to place a leather ball into one of 3 goals. The field is whatever size the players choose with one goal in the center of each side of the field, and 2 goals to the side of each placed farther back. Only the ‘Point’ man can score, everyone else is a meat shield for him. The ‘rauk’ is placed in the center of the field and each team scrambles to get hold of it. After a score the rauk is reset. 10 minutes of total ‘game time’. Technically there are no other rules aside from there being no outside interference or weapons other than the clubs.
2nd Generation: 5 players per team, designated as ‘shields’ or ‘Wings’, compete to place a 3 handled leather ball weighing 8 pounds or more into one of 3 goals. The players: only wings can score points but they are not permitted to ‘clash’ with other players aside from getting knocked around. Clashing results in the loss of your chance to score. Shields may carry shields and whatever other weapons are permitted by their league (including the rauk) but cannot score points. All positions must be designated at the start of each offensive phase. When on defense everyone is a shield.
Playing: there are four rounds of 2 minute phases, Each team is given 4 chances to score as much as they can in 2 minutes. Only the offensive team may score within their phase, but ANYONE can touch the Rauk. Depending on your league anything goes, even unto death. The rauk can be carried or thrown into the goal, but only goals scored by wings count. At the beginning of Each phase a referee throws the rauk to the offensive team. Should anyone score the time stops and the rauk is reset. Failure to abide by the rules results in losing your current or next scoring phase, unless the ref decrees it a mistake and then the rauk is reset. At the end of each game every player on the losing team receives a lashing for each point they lost by.
3rd Generation: 5 players per team compete to place a 5lb leather ball into one of 3 nets. 1 point man, 2 wings, 2 shields. Players: Point man: only 1 point man per team, the point man can score on any goal and is permitted to use any force necessary to achieve his goals though only through use of his personal weapons. Wings: only 2 wings per team. Each wing can score on 1 goal. One scores on the left goal, one scores on the right. They cannot score on any other goal unless the point man is unconscious or dead. Wings are permitted 1 ‘bolo’ per phase to be used as they wish, so long as it is neither lethal or permanently damaging. The same rules apply to other means of combat. Shields: 2 per team only, Shields are ALWAYS permitted to carry defensive shields (type and size vary by league), shields are also generally permitted blunt weapons of any kind (varies by league) they are not permitted to score but are allowed to use any kind of non lethal force they desire, killing a man will result in the shield being disqualified for the game.
Playing: There are four rounds of 2 minutes. The Rauk is placed in the center with he point man and the 2 Shields all 10 M away from it. Upon the blow of the horn the game is on.The Rauk may only be touched by the point man and wings. ALL clashing is available to everyone. Th end of the round, going out of bounds with the rauk in your teams possession or an immovable rauk will result in a reset. Any direct violation of rules will result in a loss of 1 minute from your next scoring phase.

The Court

2nd Generation: An hour glass shape 100M long and gradually becoming 40M in the center. Directly in the center is another hourglass shape 20M long and 20 M wide at the tips, only 8M wide in the center, this is a ‘safe’ zone that no wing carrying the rauk can be touched in, scoring from this zone is illegal. On the 4 corners of the field is a goal, in the center 20 meters from each end is a 3rd goal..
3rd Generation: An hour glass 100M long and 70M wide, shrinking to 50M in the center. On every corner of the field is a goal, each of these goals is worth 2 points if scored by the wing and 1 if scored by the pointman. In the center of each side, 20M from the end, is another goal, worth 1 point for its appropriate wing.

CREDITS > Dev: Arabus Grenier;
Test: Troy, Kelly Berger, Kelly Royal, Larry James, Mario Kundzins, Iziah Nixon III, Tom Potter