Towers of Jul’Coulette
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Also referred to as the Towers of the Western Sun (as part of the Vale Evander), the towers were originally a line of defense in the low foothills at the far western border of the forest of Ynth. In older days, there were dream dragons in the mountains to the west. These were fell apparitions, metallic, a blue sheen and orbs of yellow for eyes with a malevolent aura of chaos and evil. They drew unto them Orrish and the old serpent folks to make war. They sought the Soul Tree of Ther-Arliet, planted in its western reaches. There were 8 “towers” raised by the elven magus Jul’Coulette to form this line of defense. The region was was eventually overrun by enemies after centuries of war, despite the elven allies coming to their aid. Its fall precipitated the end of the first Ynthian Age of the elves, and their retreat into secrecy and paranoia.

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From the heart of Ynth, the circle of elders awakened powerful spirits of the Forestahl. These creatures, bound to ancient trees, uprooted themselves and walked to each tower, and like a potted plant, took residence. They grew 300 tall and their vision wide and far.
Each has its own village, water source, and is self sufficient. The Coulette towers allow those bound to them to control weather in a 2 mile radius through a bond to the Aelfpaths (there is a scented wind that blows during the day).


No tower looks exact same, though the template is the same, no features are common. Each is on a raised hillock, with a carved stone pillar 20-35’ tall coming out of the top, with a worked stone tower rising the same distance above it. Each level is smaller in circumference. Each has four basic “levels”. These consist of 2 levels of carved/shaped base, and 2 levels of shaped/worked stone. The towers differ from the days when the elves made them using elemental magic.


Towers of the Western Sun