Steel Realms

Marsden is a large city, with a population of some 9,000 permanent residents. It is the central point of connection for the surrounding area. There are many low mountain valley farms and villages that rely on it for support, refuge, and a market for goods. The Marsden White Reavers are a force of almost 100 mounted/mobile infantry. They are supported by the White Points – a force of 2 dozen crossbowmen and javeliners, also mounted for swift deployment. All are practiced at fighting in the snow. The Marsden Militia handles most of the day-to-day security… it consists of about 100 always deployed to the streets of Marsden, and another 100 part time and district local militia. The Hands of Night – three gangs of smugglers and poachers have their man presence of West Cut located in Marsden.

Rulership: Governor of Marsden and Warden of of West-Cut (one of 2). Traditionally this has been a title held by the duly elected member of the Marsdenite Council – the council of hetmen, mayors, and elders from all the cities, towns, and major steadings in the area.



Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.
If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

Most Recent Stirrings

Early Years


Place Summary

Gray Wind Inn: Where mercenaries and freebooters hang out; the best guides. Garrick Melnon is the Innkeep.