North Drift

Economy of North Drift

vEvery valley cultivates its own variety of the equivalent of Saffron – rare, expensive, and the primary source of income for North Drift. Each valley’s plant is slightly unique, reacting with the magic of the elves, and the power of the Druids. In exchange for this, they trade with merchants from the south bringing a variety of hot peppers, sugar, and bananas which the elves crave!

Valley Settlements

Minor Settlements of North Drift

  • Other settlements include fortified towns of: (all rough population of 1,500)
  • Pinebarrow (east)
  • Greenwell (west)
  • Pond Bridge (west)
  • Duunbar Hollow (west)

Dareenton Valley

Population: 3,000

Dareenton Valley is the largest of the mountain valleys and is the home of the “Drift Hall” – a council hall for North Drift. Much of the trade is centralized through the town of Callval. It is situated downstream from the legendary Lake Bluefall – a scintillating waterfall that comes directly out of the Frostshine glaciers – and the water is a tropical blue and clear as glass.

Bevin’s Hall: A “Scroll Vault” of the Thanes Library is erected and maintained here – safeguarding knowledge of the northlands.

North Drift Hold Fasts

They all possess holdfasts carved into the hills nearby for waiting out sieges of undead marauders. They use the Frontshine Stones of Ilyndria as beacons and warnings when the undead are nearby – each year the elves continue to bless them and their light continues to illuminate in scintillating colors. They sparkle when the undead are approaching a territory marked out by 8 of the stones.