Kaald, (free territory of the Steel Realms)

Steel Realms

After the fall of the north, the western lands were still ruled by the Thane of Kaald. The territory was large, and the culture of the Freelanders strong in this area. Over time, Kaald reverted to its Freelander ways. Thanes of places other than Kaald sprung up – but all allies in the battle against the eastern Lich Lords. The Thanes of Kaald adopted the old ways fully, and the druids became many in the north. They learned how to use the ice and weather against the undead. The ancient powers and knowledge of the Steel Realms was still at their disposal. They became more insular. Strangers less welcome. They forged their alliance with the High Kings and learned to cooperate with the Elves, Ducateon and the men of Northgate Garrison. Over the years, even Kalascor has become an ally. Pine Tribesman are allowed to follow the caribou herds, and the trade through Thurlow is open to all. Mages are generally welcome, but there are only a couple orders. The north is mostly suspicious of them and their pursuits that usually awaken things better left undisturbed. House Mataff and a few more are the only open Magus Brotherhoods in the hinterlands.
The Tree Territory of Kaald is nominally held together by the “King” (as recognized by the High King only) of Kaald. It consists of several territories that are held by Thanes of the North – called “Princes” by many. These Thanes represent the peoples of their lands, and make alliances and deals with the Kaaldian “King”. The kaaldian lands are divided up by different cultures and societies. Within these may be one or more Thanes – local rulers. All of these Thanes are said to have descended from northern nobility and are as prideful of their bloodlines and the lords of the Riverdans in Dunstrand.

  • Cut Culture: The dialect and society of the Ox-Birch Cut dwellers; Thanelands: East Cut and West Cut
  • Birchwood Culture: Northern forest and Kaaldian society. Thanelands: Kaald, Iveswear, Upstack, Feria
  • Stonelands Culture: South Cut, Cleary Vale. Thanelands: Vilefrey, Cleary Vale, Brieketle
  • Aaldian Culture: Flatlands. Thanelands: Castle Vuoy, Kray Castle, Schenker Castle, Tower of Toish
  • Kalurian Enclave: Deep in the Fortaur Forest is an enclave of a few thousand Kalurians. Allies of Kaald and the northern peoples, it is not unusual for the cavalry and runners of the northalnds to be commanded by a Klaurian. They never venture further west than Kaald itself. K’Lorian Normensia is the home of these people.
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