Ilyndria Frostshine, Elven Kingdom of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

Ilyndria is an ancient Elven kingdom in the far north Hinterlands. They are not expansionist, and neutral in terms of any political maneuvering not directly affecting them. They do send warriors to fight the lich lords at Northgate Garrison – as a group and they never integrate for the years each group is on the wall. They also have roaming patrols to hunt prowl packs – but almost no one sees them and they avoid all other contact. They trade through a single place on their southern border, near North Drift. They have allied themselves with the folk of Kalascor and their own water Elven cousins in the north against Gwinnish aggression in the past. Very little is known about them. Very little is written in commonly accessible chronicles.

Ilyndrian Elves


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Most Recent Stirrings

Ilyndria has maintained its borders quietyl through thousands of years of turmoil. It allies itself when needed, and otherwise defends itself violently and forcibly. Recent stirrings have been from constant probings from the Lich Lords forces attacking through the hills from Valemount.

  • Rain of Ice (CY 9012) Any icy rain attacks the spring heart of Ilyndria, along with a horde of ghouls coming from Valemount.
  • Attacked from Valemount (CY 8843) Repeated attacks by hordes of zombies and skeletons coming from Valemount.
  • Council of Peace Decrees Exilion Alliance (CY 8106)

Early Years