Hinterlands of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms
The Hinterlands is an area is covered under a constant snow – from only an inch and sparse to 2 feet or more in the winter. It is steppe, hills, mountain and forest. At the warmest time of the year, Ox-Birch Cut is without snow – but frozen wind swept tundra. It is a safe crossing for 2 months out of the year – mid summer only. The rest of the year it is dangerous, cold, and when the snows return so do the Prowl Packs of the undead. The hinterlands stretch from the west edges of Fallen Dundaria in the east, to the Free City of Thurlow in the west.

The Great Sadness of the North: For all the sadness, defeat, betrayal and death the north has survived. There is a Sorrowful Spirit, a part of the great mother Gaia, that embodies the melancholy of the north, personifies it and provides power and inspiration to dwellers of the Hinterlands. When a person has experienced a massive tragic loss of loved ones around them in varied and horrible conditions they take upon themselves a unique melancholy countenance and their hair turns white. They suffer disadvantage to both Persuade and Intimidation as their melancholy plagues them. As long as this sadness is present, the Spirit of the North responds to them. Some are known to command the Mist Mounts of Haegrollain. It is referenced in the Lilt of Fallen Dundaria.

Oaths of the Northern Spirit

  • Sacred Marriage of the Northern Spirit: Simulating the loss of the north, the first-born of a marriage union is pledged to the Green Church/Wyld Faith. The couple are expected to give birth and turn over the child to the authorities of old gods and spirits of the elements. In return they are blessed – strong starting crops, a fertile womb for all animals and the mother again, and clean water for a full cycle. The child is born and delivered next to sacred fire of Gaia or Merkaine – the free folk also call it the Pine Fire in the past (it smells like pine).
  • Pledge of Frost Born: Also known as “Sacred First of the Pines” (among the Pine Tribes)


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