Character Background: Ravager

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Background: Characters selecting the Ravager background can take no other backgrounds.
The Ravagers are taken from an early age, where they evince great strength and vitality, and a low intelligence and will power. From their youth, they are trained to be fanatics of the Church of Light.
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Alignments: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral (possible after returning from campaign and being mustered out)
Maximum Intelligence: 12
Maximum Charisma: 12 (-2 penalty)
Maximum Sanity: 13 [if used] Race: Always Human
Class: Paladin (Oath of Vengeance), or Cleric, Fighter
-1 Essence (Bond to Whelm); -2 Essence if Fighter class
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Whelm’s Righteous Rage (Reaction)
[Fighter] Recklessness while raged; each round at the start of your turn you gain the effects of False Life if you were wounded in the previous round (up to HP maximum) – there is no limit to the duration, until the fight ends.
[Other] Same; except 1/Long Rest

Beacon of Righteousness
If you are within 5′ of at least 2 other Church of Light worshipers while in battle you can ignore the effects of mundane dehydration, minor sickness, and poor nutrition while raging; you are seen to glow faintly.

Not literate to start with.
You are always at disadvantage on any save throws against the powers of the Church of Light.