A History of Technology in Umbak

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Umbak is by far and away the nation most dedicated to the ideals of law, and has been the center of science and technology in the Steel Realms for thousands of years. The progress of science and technology is actively fought against by forces of Helca is denoted in the general Science and Technology on Helca. In Umbak, the record keepers of Ikribu keep all knowledge of science and tech. The manifestations of technological creations is a deeply guarded secret of the archivists of the High Temple of Ikribu.


Most Recent: Building on the clockwork ideas of Tesrauld the Wayfarer, harnessing the power of light and crystals has been a high goal in recent times in order to find a means of working against the Curtain of Night.

Crystalline Period


Siege Breaker Period

This first introduced the concept of “machines” to Helca. Large, monolithic, and using leverage and fulcrums and counter-balance.

Warsteed Period


Steam-Runner Period

Digging Machines…

Clockwork Period