City of Correl

Steel Realms

The City of Correl is the oldest settlement in the vale. Most of the vale was inhabited by pine tribes that were eventually pushed out. Archeological artifacts indicate the presence of elves, tribesmen, giants, Ducateon, Bronzemen, and serveral waves of attempted settlement. The Lonely Road, going north out of town has almost no record of ever being built, and yet its been in the records as far back as CY 5000. Correl is a lively city and the heart of trade for the vale. It is built at a place on the river that has an eddy protecting its western side and is used for ship building and docks.

Groups of Correl

Gangs: Criminal enterprises in “da vale” are run by 2 rival gangs. The Westies and East Enders vie for smuggling, fencing, scams, pick pocketing, kidnapping, bribery and the usual underground enterprises. They mostly operate in Correl, though claim dominion over the entire vale.

Military and Defenses

Watch: Divided up into cardinal directions (north, south, east and west) with about 15-20 men each. The watch usually uses clubs, but has spears, daggers, and a few crossbows if they need it.

Garrison: Viscount stations 40 professional men at arms (plus officers and logistics support) in the center of the city. Additionally 8 mounted heavy (ring mail) warriors with leather barding for their horses are stationed here, always lead by a knight of the vale. These rotate out with another 22 soldiers and 4 horsemen stationed at the tower. All have spear, shortsword, and light crossbows available to them; horsemen have long spear, shield and longsword.

People of Correl

Noble Families

Landed/Peerage (knights)

Viscount Sven Tallstag (Darvin “the golden boy” and Malark “the sleepless one” = twins)

> family (14 total); property rents in town and some out & trade interests (investments – not direct)

Sir Gerald Evenoak

> family (20 total); property rents of farmlands/steadings & trade interests

Sir Erik Tarrenspell

> family (11 total); property rents of farmlands/steadings & trade interests

Sir Sean Barleyridge

> family (32 total); farm harvest processes, storage, crop management, transport & trade interests + interests in many steadings (cooperative)

People of Note

Titled/No Peer

  • Sira Eaplan Haventree (transport, sales and trade deals)
  • Sira Bill Deephorn (carpenters guild)
  • Siress Eva Cliffgrove (Teamsters guild, dyers and weavers)
  • Sira William Stagrage (Smiths Guild – finesmith, armor, weapon, black)
  • Sira Collin Tarrenfallow (tanners guild)


Typically a DC 15 or higher Check
Typically a DC 20 or higher Check