Heroes Hall – Reliquary of the High King

Legendary home of the Bardic Schools of Solarity and the The Winding Wind; these are overseen by The Sisterhood.

Gorgon Gear

The Black Gorgons all do have some of the same gear. At any given time, there are three dozen to 40 Black Gorgon agents. They took from Heroes Hall for weapons, often using things like the 12 Tone Swords.

  1. Black Scale Mail +1 to +2 and shield +1
  2. Black Gorgon helm of Darkvision
  3. Black Gorgon torc of Shielding – when all else taken further than 100’ from torque then rust to dust.
  4. Black Gorgon ring of Identiy (also casts Detect Magic)

Chambers of the Heroes Hall

Sending Chamber

A large chamber, flat for smooth rides on horse or cart, and with pillars the delineate a road. This is close to the entrance so beasts of burden do not have to go far, but it is a magical place where agents are transported magically from to the many hidden refuge’s of the Black Gorgons and their allies.