Cerrans Grant

Steel Realms

The Red Hands of Cerrans Grant

Collectively, the four brotherhoods of thieves and smugglers is known as The Red Hands. The Red Hands have divided up the territory, and vie for control in mostly non-lethal confrontations all over it. All four are present in the capital of Rumein in the south. Traditionally there were 3 until about CY 9024, when a new faction appeared in the northeast – an oft ignored location. It is rumored that the four manage an ancient tradition of fighting pits out of several locations. The leader of the four organizations consider themselves a type of underground nobility – to be accorded a title and deferment in accordance with it, though it is not familial or passed on by blood in any way.

  • Crank Handles
  • Dash-Flashers
  • Mad Dogs
  • Midnight Wheels


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.

If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

Most Recent Stirrings

CY 9143 The Red Cloud

A time of violence and the “streets of Rumein ran red”. A section of Rumein itself collapsed – caused by a tunneling war between two of the brotherhoods. The collapse attributed to gang warfare caused a crackdown, in which The Dash-Flashers were driven out of the capital. At the end of this time the four fighting pits were consolidated into one. The Three Fingers pit, run by a new leader named of the Midnight Wheels named Carrad. The Dash-Flashers were cut out of the new fighting pit in Rumein in addition to be run out of the city. Since then, a string of Gwinn friendly (in smuggling) gang leaders has run the pits.

Early Years