Steel Realms

Ruler: Baroness Colwyn
Capital: Lily Rush
The Colwyn family has, as far back as memory goes, ruled through the female side – it is strong in the Riverdan tradition. Were it not for the beautiful spring festival and the lilies and garlic dogwoods of the area it would be relegated to the worst of Bar-Innis.

Sir Gloversman of Bantwor
Hebrot Hamlet is the home of Gloversman Tower.
Bantwor is, essentially the eastern lands of Lilymarch. From Bales Ridge to The Saelish it is remote and mostly unsettled and good for little more than flood plain crops. The Gloversman are true bannermen of the Baroness – and known for their militant ways… the blunt instrument of the Baroness when need be.
>The Moorsman: Formed originally as a way of directing the youth of Bantwor, this unofficial militia has persisted. There are three Moorwells (high solid ground with a 4′ high stone circular wall) – one at each village in Bantwor. These are kept with at least 3-4 ragged members, and a couple of ponies each for message runningg.

Lady Nessia of Lily Glen

Calibans Slurry divides it from Crestwold.