Karbolnaigh (abandoned holt)

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Location: There is a ridge in a place in southern Dunstrand in barony of Crestwold (now). This was formed as a lava vent, rising about 60’ off the floor of Yarans Vale. The ridge was originally sculpted into an outholt in CY 5233 and the settlement grew in the lava tubes below. It was abandoned in CY 5480.

History of Karbolnaigh

Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.

Common Knowledge

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These long sealed lava tunnels were once home to a slowly developing colony of Ducateon. The entire “complex” was flooded at one point, and hundreds of folk were drowned. The Ducateon abandoned the settlement of Karbolnaigh as it was too close to a floodplain and the danger of it being used against them was too great.

Uncommon Knowledge

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Other than a few pockets of survivors, only a powerful elemental of fire survived the flood. It was bound to the bellows of the forge, and it took decades for the system to drain – it had been abandoned.

Rare Knowledge

When the Umbakians stumbled upon the lower reaches, and the forge area, they learned of the creature’s existence. Rather than free it, they chained it further. Originally its term of service was for a thousand years, and the Lightbringers chained it to ten times this.

Secret Knowledge