Torrelsons Ford

Steel Realms
Located at the fork of the Muchart River, its mostly self sustaining and exports rice and fish. Donk’s Travels = large Inn.
Ruler: (Capital of Barony); city proper operations by mayor.
Pop: 5,100

Red Wing Stables: A massive stables for over 30 horses it goes mostly empty. It can service 3-4 merchant caravans all at once – carts, wagons, etc.

The Bitterwheel Tavern: Offers a penny-hang for those too drunk to stagger home. Its near the port and caters top a lower end clientele. It has several booths for groups and conducting business. The second story is locked – the Sheppard family that owns the tavern lives above it.

Cats Cross is where the Elon folk hang out in Torrelsons Ford

Diamond Curios and Antiques: This is an interesting old shop, and collects and sell both Dunstrandian and Umbakian antiques from local areas and sells them mostly to outsiders. Its rumored to be a meeting point for academics, and said to be connected to House Malor.

Cerstwhile Keep

This is the ancestral home of the Baron of Crestwold. The Cerstwhile family has had the title since CY 8415. Located on a rise east of Torrelsons Ford. It is a fortified manor, with a 8′ wall around all 20 acres, and a gatehouse. It is not in good repair, but there is little to threaten it in any direction.

The Cerstwhile family operates a smithy out of the manor grounds – essentially there are 2 smithies in Torrelsons Ford. The manor smithy is mostly for weapons and armor.

Sacred Grove of Gaia

The grove holds the stone hall and thatch roofed church of Gaia. It is surrounded by a ring of birch trees and pines.

Blaylons Reply

Blaylons Reply is a cave in a cliff about a quarter mile north from Torrelsons Ford; Blaylon was a privateer that would blow his horn approaching Torrelsons Ford and the horn had a peculiar habit of echoing and amplified in the cave above Torrelsons Ford – alerting everyone to his return. The cave was originally made in 7825. The hero Storen of Umbak was hunting a young black dragon and slayed it on the cliff. The death spasms of the dragon cut the cave into the cliff top. Since then, the cave was believed to be a place where smugglers hid their goods and lovers would go to hide from prying eyes. It was always dangerous and unstable, but about 9145, there was an internal collapse that sealed a lot of it off forever. This system has long been forgotten, since the cave.