Point Saril

Steel Realms
Population: 1000 approx.
Rulership: Nothing formal

Once a thriving town along a trade route, with the collapse of the Umbakian presence in Yarans Vale, this hib of travel and trade fell into disuse. The ruins of the town surround a small village. Transient populations, smugglers, thieves and outcasts make their home here now. The lighthouse which once kept folk safe is broken and serves only as a watch tower for locales. The law avoids it, reputable merchants avoid it, and it thrives as a place of violence, brothels, and black market trade. There is a smithy that operates in the town – the one place of neutral ground, for everyone needs their services at some point. The buildings look to be in disrepair everywhere, though inside most have been kept up that are off the town square. These make up the town now – about one third its normal size.

Bell Weather Smithy

This is run by the Orden family. They have produced several generations of smiths and assistants. The family has stayed as it remains pre imminent in the area without competition.

Blackstorm Shrine to Elancil

There is a n old church to Aerna that has been converted into a shrine to Elancil. Mostly to ward off her anger and notice when traveling the old back roads of the Black Shore, where mists, fog, and rain from storm clouds often obscure the way. There is no formal “clergy”, though the shrine is cleaned and tended by some hand. No one looks too closely, and all avoid examining things too closely, as there have been three floods in the last few hundred years that have miraculously been “steered” away through the ruins near where the shrine stands on the north side of town, missing the majority of what is left of the small town.