Caverns of Bromei

Steel Realms

The Caverns of Bromei are a local feature near the village of Rakefield in the Barony of Crestwold in what is now the Duchy of Dunstrand. They have been around since long before the village. The caverns are prone to small slides and collapses and everyone knows to avoid them. During part of the year, they fill up with a lot of water as well, making them a less than ideal sanctuary. They are filled with fungus and slime, and are home to thousands of bats. The surrounding areas are water-logged and not worth much, leaving it uninhabited for miles.

They are named after Alexander Bromei, an Umbakian homesteader that was in direct conflict with the Strayol family when they arrived with the will of the Umbakian government. A few of the Bromei family died exploring it, and the cavern entrance suffered at least one famous collapse according to records. It is also where the Bromei family made their last stand, against competing homesteading families from Umbak.

Many rumors abound about them, including ancient evils, ghosts, a magician’s lair, buried treasure, and magic pools. No treasure has ever been found in them; adventures seeking such usually just end with twisted ankles, cracked ribs, and monstrous headaches.

The Bromei lands, and the cavern mouth area in particular were marked with standing stones by the Strayol family who defeated them. The stones are covered in Dundarian script. There are a few mixed Gladnorian terms and translations. The stones tell the story of the war between the two families and the fate of the Bromei family – as a warning to competitors of the Strayol. Most of these stones have fallen in the shifting, mud soaked ground and little serves to call attention to the caverns from a distance now.