Dunstrand of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms
A quick reference for learning some common culture and flavor of the place.

Their land is resource rich and the stock and extraction of these is the core of its commerce. Transportation of these is limited to the north with the trade monopoly of the Merchant Cities. The people are diverse and accepting, and have a long tradition of service to the High King and their beloved Duke. Dunstrand has one of the few (albeit small) formal education programs in the realms (with Ducal sponsorship) – access is depending on social standing and the luck of availability. There is no official religion endorsed, though most follow the precepts of the Wyld Faith – except for the Lightbringers in East River Run and West River Run counties.

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Human: This regional experience is limited to humans (Faelen). A member of the Riverdans population is exempt from this – they have their own experience.
Social Standing % Population
Outcast 0-4 Outcasts are always living at the urban fringe – slums, etc. A few flee to the countryside.
Least 5-18
Lower 19-40
Average 41-85 DC 15 CHA check for Primary Education (PC’s)
Upper 86-95 DC 10 CHA check for Primary Education (PC’s)
Privileged 96-99 DC 5 CHA check for Primary Education (PC’s)
Elite 100 Primary Education (PC’s)
These replace the standard Human Trait “Ability Score Increase”.
Languages: All characters are Conversational in Gladnorian (not literate), Rudimentary in Mercat (not literate)

Background Restrictions: None (possible limitation by Social Status)

The people of Dunstrand are hard-working and known for their quickness of wit and reactions both. The people have a great love of conversation of all kinds, seeking out news and knowledge from all around their lands and surroundings.

Common Names: Alain, Stellanl, Todd; Iferra, Melani/Meleni, Dalcia


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.

If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

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