Dural of Ashwhey

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Dural was an ancient sage from the fallen east of Dar-Hashuk. She was a sage of the Anglysia Academy in the small city of Ashwhey, where she spent her declining years studying magical secrets and occult connections with the stars. It was said that she spoke every language known at the time. To create the mystical tomes that bear her name, she sought secrets of entities from the distant stars, and the pits of hell alike.

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From this knowledge she crafted her “Emblazoned Books”. The secret of fashioning the Ashwhey Tomes has been long lost, but the many tomes she made can still be found scattered [mostly] around the heartlands. Many minor ones were taken when the east fell, though the most powerful of them were already locked away and likely still sit, mouldering in the ruins under the Curtain of Night. Academy apprentices studying them who fled in the fall took them with them, at least 50 or so are known to have been brought west. It was said that all were collected and now sit in the Hall of Heroes, guarded by the bards who maintain the hall.