Narcosa Guild (Occult Order of Salt Marsh)

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Steel Realms

The Narcosa Guild is one of the only 2 major institutions to focus on Necromancy in the realms. Understandably so, as their livelihood deals with the undead mostly, and there is a lot of fear and misunderstanding of their brotherhood. The guild also has a special relationship with the fallen death god Djerduth. The guild promotes the old gods ways, carrying on the religious traditions of death as a natural part of life, and seeking its mysteries to better understand the living. Far from the “death-worshiping anemic” its enemies portray it as, its members are the most physically fit and robust of wizardly orders – they practice medicine and are adherents of physical exercise and know the body and its workings like few others. The order serves as healers even in some places, such as North Gate Garrison They are THE premier operators against the undead there and other places in the north.

  • Presence Levels: Preeminent in northern heartlands; Order houses all over the north…
    • Major: Salt Marsh
    • Minor: North Gate Garrison, Lim, Arminsted
    • Trivial: Twin Springs, Karolak, Soriano, Thurlow
  • Alliances: None
  • Occult Focus: Schools of Magical Study…
    • Major: Necromancy
    • Minor:
    • Trivial:
  • Familiar Specialty: Lesser Homonculous
    Fetus like flesh creation; AC 12, HD: 1/HP = 4 [Cost = 180 silvers] Dexterity/Wisdom 15, Strength (half creators current; 5), Charisma 3, All Others 10
    Never sleeps, never tires, cannot be charmed or slept; sees through illusions. Speaks with creators voice.
    Stealth +4, Perception +3, Athletics +3 & Gets creators proficiency bonus.
  • Potion Specialty: Detect Life [Major Cost Portion/unlimited (2 at a time) for Major Presence]
  • Scroll Specialty: False Life- “Stolen Life”; Ritual (DC 13) practiced in the Heartlands using special oils and written on prepared skin of a fallen foe (150 silvers) gains an extra +1 HP and immune to Chill Touch until the spell ends or HP used.
  • Lore Specialty: Undead and Animations/Constructs
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Sigaek’s Breath Variant: Breath of Bone (bone corset); 4 + D4 casting trinkets; +1 AC vs. undead and animations. Trinkets can also be used to deal an extra 5 damage to an undead or animation that is the target of the wearers spells. “Mantle of Death” – The bones will dig in and do 1 damage per round that the wearer wishes to be invisible to undead and animations.
> Chain of Authority: Often referred to as “The Shackles of Time” among guild members, it denotes the rank to which they have risen. Special honors and ‘medals’ are presented as chains in this chain. The chain is padded with different color links of “beyond the known” – filler until the ranks or honors can be achieved. Only the wearer or one of higher rank in the guild may remove it from the body, otherwise effort confound the person trying; tangles, twists, broken fingers, etc.

Standard Rank Links

  1. Apprentice: A character just graduating is given 4 apprentice chain links. This symbolizes the awareness of the living, the eyes that behold north, south, east and west and allow the apprentice to determine their direction; They are painted to look like an eye.
    > 5th Apprentice link; “Inner Eye”: If the apprentice can survive a test of physical endurance (DC 10 Constitution) while reciting the proper ritual seeking knowledge (DC 10 Arcana) they are given a 5th link -a black eye – to add to their Chain of Authority, and allow them to seek Eye of the Child.

Honors and Medals Links

  • Eye of the Child:
    • Square Link: Essentially 2 eyes. It allows the wearer to remove 2 of the apprentice links and use them in a Lesser Homonculou – where they transform into real eyes and allow the Necromancer double the bonded range.
    • Rounded Link: The Necromancer may have the guild tattoo an eye upon the palm of their hand. It requires a 1 HP sacrifice permanently. The eye can see as the dead see up to 60′ – even in total and magical darkness. When the Necromancer casts False Life, it grants them 1 extra HP.
Threshold Offering

Death God’s Servants

The guild members can gain Piety from the death god; they must have Religion as a skill


[9140] Corrigans Bane: A curse that spread a drying, parched disease in Fahyl. It is believed some necromantic experiment from the Houses of the Dead in Ados got loose, and the masters there care little for those outside the city. There was a great deal of animosity towards them and the city, and supplies began to run low in the city of certain items, as merchants and travelers stayed away. The Narcosa Guild sent in members to try and figure out how to keep it contained, along with the White Sisters. It was only after a Darkling plot was revealed as its source that the region’s civil unrest was averted. Orban was one of the two senior members of that delegation from Narcosa, and the one who finally slew the Darkling after tracing it to Corrigans Inn (at a major crossroads) – where it had poisoned/cursed the well and that was spreading the disease.
Typically a DC 15 or higher Check
Typically a DC 20 or higher Check