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Steel Realms

Below the Hall of Sceptres enclave is the Panopticon. It is only whispered of by those members of House Malor who may have reason to suspect its existence, but never by its actual name, as that is not known. Only the Magisters and their Sentinels are allowed within.
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The Panopticon is, in a very real sense, the heart of House Malor. It is a cavern of white crystal that rests upon a fount of animus. The exceptionally strong flows of magic warped the natural rock to form the cavern and provide the crystals with unique properties. It was the discovery and study of this cavern that is responsible for the development of House Malor’s magical style.

To contain the prize and prevent others from finding it, House Malor has, over time, altered the crystals of the chamber further, so that they work to contain the magical eddies that would normally radiate from the fount.

As very few have access to the Panopticon, little is known of its full properties or potential. The Panopticon is considered to have a thorough Magic Saturation. The Magisters may use the crystals to greatly augment their divination formulae, allowing them to perceive almost anywhere, provided they know where to look.

The crystals in the Panopticon grow slowly and may be harvested. The utilization of the house’s earth magics is often used to speed this process. These crystals may be used as material components for any divination or earth spell, drastically augmenting the user’s natural abilities.

It is here that the Magisters bond their Sentinels.