Steel Realms

Known as “The Glint”, Sustry is a large kukri knife that is polished to a high shine. The blade’s edge is sharp beyond reckoning, it cuts through heavy armor with armor piercing capability like the knives of the Ilbarsi hill peoples. It is a savage looking weapon, Doing D6+1/4 slashing damage (it cannot damage any Gallant who has sworn the loyalty oath by design or by accident) in the hands of a Gallant (only D6/3 when wielded by someone who has not taken the Gallants oath of loyalty). The blade has a Resilience of 1 and can still function at full capacity when damaged, and it requires a blacksmith (weapon-smith specialist) of uncommon quality to repair the weapon.

Common Powers

Armor Piercing when wielded by someone with a Strength and Dexterity of 13 or higher. 

Overwhelmed Essence

Sustrey was once the weapon of the Sustrynous Gim - a leader of The Gallants of Dunstrand. His mind was wrecked in his adventures, and he was recalled from retirement in the battle against Anwin of the Twin River enclave. He perished in the fight, but his broken weapon was recovered from the battlefield. It was unknown where the weapon came from, but it was bonded to only him. Now, it is believed that the bond is weaker, but it is believed any who have taken the Oath of Loyalty of the Gallants can wield some of its powers. 

> Other Names:

In re-forging the weapon, Jingle and The Witch of Dwindor swamp bent its fell magics so that others could make use of its powers. 

> Typically a DC 15 or higher Check
> Typically a DC 20 or higher Check