Olivers 12 Tones

Olivers 12 Tones are 12 rapiers made to be wielded by the Black Gorgons by one of its most dedicated pursuit specialists in CY 6891. The Bards of the Gorgons were known for being the primaries to track down political enemies of the high king. The idea was to be able to catch them and bring them to justice or to heel, or perhaps even persuade them to give up their cause – political enemies can be made powerful allies. The weapons were a well known feature of the sub group of Black Gorgons and it became known that the high king would pay 1000 silvers for return of a blade – no questions asked. They are all elegantly styled and unique – and anyone carrying one would be identified as a Black Gorgon… or their killer. It encouraged the return of the weapons, even if the pursuit ended in failure. If the blade is waved about rapidly, it will cut in burning letters its name and the “return policy” (its a programmed illusion). Typically returned blades find their way via religious authorities or given to a peasant anonymously to be returned.

Only 1 of the blades have been known over the years to have been destroyed.

A razor thin rapier (finesse D6), +3 initiative, +1 hit and damage; resistance to thunder damage and hums a certain tone when undead are within 120’ and specific tone when secondary targets are within 60′ – tone can only be heard with 5’
Made for The Black Gorgon Card Oliver Wendell. Each detected undead and something else. All of the varied in their bonus to initiative, it was +3, +6 or +9 – if you can match the tone (DC 10 performance) with singing, you also get a parry (roll to hit AC; subtract DEX bonus +3 from the attack result to see if it still hits) as a reaction vs. the creature its detecting
The blades were all cast and forged in Vale Evander, then magicked by some unknown means in Gladnor. They bear no wizard’s marks so their creator is unknown… but the concept and power were obviously tuned directly in for a bard.

Tine Keeper (+9 init. and detects evil)
Melody Maker (+9 init. and detect poisons and disease)
Silver Chord (+9 init. and detect Orrish)
Lady Trouble (+6 init. and detect elves)
Silver Tongue (broken)
Lilting Point (+6 init. and detect fey)
Pride’s Prejudice (+6 init. and detect fiend)
Short Quip (+6 init. and detect dragon-kind)
Telling Tone (+6 init. and detect elemental)
Ribbon Twister (+3 init. and detect lie)
Butter Breath (+3 init. and detect Ducateon)
Onion Soup (+3 init and detect mages)